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Kabuki Streamers: Flashy Metallic-Tissue Double Rolls - Custom-Color 6 & 12 Packs

$ 48.51
In Stock
Size 6 Pack
Color Your Custom Pair
Material Metallic Tissue Layers


17' Confetti Streamers: Custom Color Metallic Rolled with Tissue, in 10" Launch Sleeve.  

Create Your Own Discount Packs Flashy Serpentines In Your 2 Favorite Colors.

Ask, and we'll make your Flashy confetti streamers in color pairs that match your sports team, party decor, Mardi Gras tableau or wedding theme. 

We roll 16' glossy fireproof metallic around biodegradable tissue, give it our pristine Kabuki cut to 1/2" wide, and stack the double rolls in easy-load confetti cannon sleeves.

Tuck the fat rolls into your barrel, recycle the sleeve and launch. The shining metallic unfurls away from the floating tissue. You suddenly get twice the streamers and twice the color flying over your audience.

Custom Flashy Streamers Product Details:

  • Your choice of 1 tissue color and 1 metallic color
  • Streamers: 1/2"x17" double-roll
  • Packaging: 10" plastic launch sleeve
  • Sold in 6 & 12-sleeve bundles
  • Flameproof PVC and biodegradable, fire resistant tissue
  • Made in our Sun Valley, CA shop

Tell Us Your 2-Color Combination.

Pick one metallic and one tissue for each 6- or 12-sleeve bundle you order. All sleeves in that bundle must match. 

Tell us your choices in the Special Instructions box at checkout. Please note: These custom color combinations are specially-made for you and are non-returnable.

Pick 1 Metallic As Your Exterior Color:

Gold, Silver, Blue, Green, Red, Orange, Purple, Yellow, Hot Pink, Rose Gold, or Black

Pick 1 Tissue As Your Interior Color:

Yellow, White, Blue, Holiday Green, Red, Orange, Purple, Hot Pink, Pink, Lime, Lavender, Turquoise, or Black 

Flashy Streamer Color Tip:

Which of your two colors should be the metallic and which tissue? Consider your lighting.

In daylight, it actually doesn't matter. However, in concert, stage or convention lighting, metallic will gleam as it passes through hot lights. Tissue, especially light shades, will carry color into dimmer audience seating. 

Say your colors are purple and gold. Create a Flashy Streamer 6- or 12-sleeve bundle of purple metallic layered with bright yellow tissue. Or gold metallic layered with lavender tissue. Each one will carry your color theme. Or, get a bundle of each for truly spectacular coverage and color.

How Much to Use Per Launch:

Kabuki 32" and 20" Handheld Launchers

  • We call 2 sleeves a full load for both launchers, though we prefer to pack the 32" barrel completely full.

RC-2 Pro Cannon

  • 10 sleeves (5 per barrel) for 2"x20" cannon
  • 6 sleeves (3 per barrel) for 1"x36" cannon

Guests Clean Up For You

One of the fabulous traits of confetti streamers is how often your guests scoop up the long, colorful streamers and take them home.