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Stay-Attached Handthrow Streamers - Multicolor Tissue

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Size 1 Handthrow Streamers
Color Rainbow Multicolor


Multicolor Handthrow Streamers: Wild Rainbow, No Cleanup Needed.  

Dozens of Thin, Multicolor Serpentines Anchored in Palm-Size Cup.

NACL Theater's "The Weather Project"

Stay-Attached Handthrows are the perfect choice when your venue calls for ultra-clean wrap up. Singing groups, TV commercial and sitcom effects, magic acts, dance troupes, parties, theater groups - all use these no-mess streamers to add a burst of color and movement. 

Launch Tips

Hold the cup in your palm, label side up. Slide the loop over your finger.  Peel off the paper lid and set your thumb over the streamers to hold everything in place. At launch time, swing your hand from low to high, as if tossing a softball, and release your thumb. Tissue streamers will cascade up and out to 15'. 

Spray an onstage rainbow. Arch over a bridal couple. Pop color high for final bows. The thin ribbons of bright paper remain anchored to the cup. After the magic moment, just reel them in and recycle. 

Multicolor Tissue Handthrow Streamer Details:

  • Dozens of 15' streamers pre-attached
  • Rainbow colors
  • Fire resistant, biodegradable tissue

Looking for a Custom Version?

Do you need a particular color combination? Want to add flash with metallic streamers?  We make Handthrows to order in our Sun Valley, CA shop with very fast turnaround times. Check out our custom tissue and custom metallic handthrow streamers.