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MiniFetti: Green Metallic 1/4" Squares, 1 Pound Bulk

$ 43.43
In Stock
Color Green
Size 1 Pound Bulk
Material 1/4" Square Metallic


Miniature Confetti Squares in Glossy Green Metallic, Priced Per Pound.

0.25" Squares in Bulk for Glittery Launch, Hand-Toss, Decor, Art Projects.

It's easy to get creative with this 1/4" square, bright Green Metallic MiniFetti. The rich, sparkling shade livens up every event. It's perfect for garden-themed events, Christmas parties, St. Patrick's day, Easter dinners, spring dances, fundraisers, art projects and more. 

  • Use as table decoration
  • Fill ornaments
  • Use in fine art projects
  • Hand toss over your special guest
  • Launch with our Effects Fan 

Green Metallic MiniFetti Details

    • Bagged and sold by the pound - we consolidate into as few bags as possible.
    • Green flameproof PVC metallic
    • 1/4" squares
    • Cut in our Sun Valley, CA shop

How To Grow Your Look

Create your own custom metallic color mix. Or add texture with white tissue MiniFetti. See them here:

10 colors - All Metallic MiniFetti

White Tissue MiniFetti  

Miniature Confetti Launch Tips

In the air, MiniFetti's tiny size creates a glittering effect. A ring of floor-based fans will keep it airborne. A cannon launches a quick, colorful rain. 

Note: we cut Minifetti especially for your order and it is not returnable.