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MiniFetti: Black Metallic 1/4" Squares, 1 Pound Bulk

$ 43.43
In Stock
Color Black
Size 1 Pound Bulk
Material 1/4" Square Metallic


Miniature Confetti: 0.25" Shiny Black Squares, Bagged by the Pound.

Charcoal Black Metallic Squares For Dark, Glittery Launches, Arts and Crafts, Hand Toss and Party Decoration.

These glinting black bits shine with dark elegance. Sprinkle them across a matte black background for all-black table decor. Combine them with gold and silver MiniFetti for Gatsby themes. Blast them high with sleeves of white and black tissue for a combination of pattering metallic rain and lingering fluff. 

However you use Black Metallic MiniFetti, its dramatic color will show off best under good lighting. Experiment in advance to get just the look you need.

Purchase Planning

We cut this product from flameproof PVC and bag it loose, priced per pound. For decoration purposes, a little goes a long way. For launches, the opposite is true, as Metallic MiniFetti sprays high and rains quickly.

Cannon Launch Tips for Miniature Confetti

If launching for TV and film, funnel your MiniFetti straight into your barrels, or toss it by handfuls in front of an E-Fan. For parties, where a flying confetti lifter won't mar your shot, slide that lifter in first, before funneling in your MiniFetti load. Your shot will go higher.

Black Metallic Bulk MiniFetti Details

  • 0.25" square-cut confetti
  • Black flameproof PVC metallic
  • Sold in bulk, priced per pound
  • Packed efficiently in as few bags as possible

    Our Black Metallic MiniFetti is cut for you in our Sun Valley, CA shop and is not returnable.