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Streamer Flick Sticks: Metallic Confetti Streamers

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Color Multicolor


18" Hand-Launch Tube Packed with Shiny Confetti Streamers.

Streamer Flick Stick Holds 2 Full Launches of Long Metallic Serpentines.

Hand-Launch Brilliant Metallic Streamers up to 25'.

This is the pure streamer companion to our popular Confetti Flick Sticks.  The pre-filled, 18-inch, disposable gold tube can be handed out for any celebration or pre-set as part of table decoration.  Each Streamer Flick Stick comes already loaded with 2 shots (one from each end). Flick your wrist and your effect flies 20' to 25' in the air.  Turn it over and launch again for a second flight.

Choose Your Metallic Streamer Colors.

Want custom combos? Choose the Custom Mix option and note your colors in the Special Instruction Box at checkout. Note: All confetti custom color combinations are specially-made for you and are non-returnable.

Metallic Color Choices:

Gold, silver, black, cobalt blue, green, royal purple, hot pink, orange, red, rose gold/copper.

Streamer Flick Stick Details

  • 18" gold-colored tubes
  • Hand-launched - no propellent
  • 2 launches - 1 from each end                             
  • Use: Outdoors 
  • Use: Indoors (high ceilings)
  • Made of flameproof PVC metallic and biodegradable, fire-resistant tissue

Launch Tips

Aim high - up and out (think fly-fishing).  Flick your wrist with a sharp snap. 

Easy Clean Up

Post-event, streamers are simple to scoop up. Actually, guests, fans and audience members tend to do that for you. Our Pure Metallic Streamer Flick Sticks are used by cheerleaders, and theater/musical performance act break and finales.

Your Streamer Flick Sticks are made in our Sun Valley, CA shop. Custom orders are non-returnable.