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Confetti: Turquoise Blue Tissue Fluttering Rectangles, in Launch Sleeves

$ 4.11
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Color Turquoise Blue
Size 10" Cannon-Ready Sleeve
Material Biodegradable Tissue


Turquoise Biodegradable Slowfall Confetti in 10" Speedloader Sleeves.

Bright, Light Blue Tissue is Cut for Long Flight and Shows Well Even at Evening Football Games, Festivals, Concerts, Rallies and Parades.

The richness of this turquoise tissue lets it hold its color in both strong and dim lighting. Launch it outdoors or at indoor events, and you'll delight your audience - and your photographers.

These long-wafting rectangles come stacked in an easy-to-handle plastic sleeve. Snip it open and pour your confetti directly into your cannon's barrel. Then just recycle the sleeve and launch.

Confetti Creative: Blue Sky Rainbow

Go a step further and really surprise your crowd. Load a sleeve of multicolor tissue streamers into your cannon first. Then pour your turquoise confetti on top. Your rainbow will arch through the light blue flutter. 

Turquoise Sleeved Tissue Confetti Details

  • Turquoise tissue
  • 3/4″ x 2″ slowfall rectangle cut
  • 10" clear plastic sleeve
  • Biodegradable and fire-resistant
  • Made in our Sun Valley, CA shop

How Many Sleeves to Plan Per Launch

Kabuki Handheld Celebration Launchers:

  • 2 sleeves per 20" barrel launch
  • 3 sleeves per 32"barrel launch

RC-2 Remote-Control Cannons:  

  • 8 sleeves (4 per barrel) for 2"x20" cannons
  • 6 sleeves (3 per barrel) for 1"x36" cannons