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Kabuki Confetti Streamers - Bright White Tissue Speedloaders

$ 3.62
In Stock
Size 10" Confetti Cannon Sleeve
Color White
Material Biodegradable Tissue


For Blacklight, Sunlight & Spotlight, Choose These White Tissue Streamers.

 Kabuki's 22' Biodegradable Tissue Serpentines in Confetti Cannon Sleeves.

White tissue is fascinatingly versatile. It glows under backlight. It shows well in outdoor settings and in dim concert venues. Launch these long Kabuki-cut serpentines from a confetti cannon in just about any light, and you'll create a spectacular visual.

Our Speedload streamers come in narrow 10-inch sleeves that pour easily into launch barrels as skinny as 1".  That makes them perfect for concert crowds, sports stadiums and parades, when you want to be able to reload fast.

One of the most popular aspects of streamers: The easy clean-up. Guests and fans actually tend to do that for you, taking the streamers with them when they leave.

White Speedload Details

  • 10" sleeve of 22-foot-long white tissue streamers
  • Fire Resistant, Biodegradable

How Many Speedload Sleeves Do You Need?

Kabuki Handheld Launcher

  • Order 2 to 3 sleeves per launch. 

RC-2 Pro Cannons

  • Order 10 sleeves for 2x 20 cannon (5 per barrel)
  • Order 6 sleeves for 1x 36 cannon (3 per barrel)

Our confetti cannons, blowers, fans and Kabuki Handheld Launchers are available to buy or rent. (Once you buy the sturdy Kabuki Launcher, you'll use it all the time.)