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Confetti Streamers - Rose Gold Copper Metallic

$ 7.42
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Color Rose Gold Copper
Size 10" Launch Sleeve
Material Metallic Confetti Streamers


18' Metallic Streamers Cut From Brilliant Rose Gold Copper.

Gleaming Serpentines Packed into a 10" Quick-Load Sleeve.

This rich, complex color brings a new versatility to our collection of brilliant metallic confetti streamers.

As Rose Gold, it captures those event decor moments where female touch meets strength. The warm undertone is hugely popular in products that range from mobile phones to wedding rings. So, when you're looking to subtly underscore feminine or romantic themes, this serpentine is the perfect answer. 

Doubles as Copper for Tech Event and Sports Medal Effects

The color changes completely with your setting and intent. For instance, pair this streamer with silver serpentines, and it turns pure copper, perfect to capture corporate and team colors, and celebrate championship events.

 Rose Gold Copper Streamer Details

  • 10" launch-ready sleeves
  • Rose Gold 1/2″ x 18' streamers
  • Flameproof PVC
  • Made in our Sun Valley, CA shop

Plan Your Purchase

Kabuki Handheld CO2 Launchers

  • 2 sleeves per launch works in both the 20" and 32" versions. We like to slide 3 sleeves into the 32" length, and take the opportunity to blast as many streamers as possible.

Our RC-2 Cannon for Pros

  • 10 sleeves (5 per barrel) for 2"x20"
  • 6 sleeves (3 per barrel) for 1"x36" 

Confetti Creative: Set Up a Color/Texture Contrast

When designing your effect, consider what will be going on behind it. A single, solid-color look pops against certain backgrounds. Against others, it might need a visual boost. Think about pouring in a sleeve of White or Black slowfall tissue confetti on top of your Rose Gold Copper streamers. The serpentines will fly through the confetti, leaving a long-fluttering look in their wake.