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Confetti Streamers: Stadium-Length, Bright Tissue

$ 8.50
In Stock
Color Yellow
Size 10" Confetti Cannon Sleeve
Material Biodegradable Tissue


Five 40' Biodegradable Tissue Streamers in a 10" Launch Sleeve.

Choose Solid Colors or Create Your Own Color Mix.

Our 40' x 2" Tissue Stadium X-Streamer creates long, flashing color to link your large crowds to the action. They're stacked in a 10" confetti-cannon sleeve. Each sleeve holds 5 of these super-long streamers. To launch, aim above your audience. Then watch everyone's hands fly up to catch them.

Stadium Streamers are perfect for:

  • Stadium sports: football, soccer, baseball, basketball, track and more
  • Rallies
  • Corporate conventions
  • Political elections
  • Concerts

Launch Tips

You'll want to launch these from cannons. (They're too long to hand-throw!). Buy or rent our RC-2 Cannons with twin 2" barrels. For best results outdoors, check the breeze. Then aim your cannons to take advantage of the air currents. 

Add Hang Time

Amp your look. Load a sleeve of Flashy Slowfall Confetti on top of your Stadium X-Streamers. The streamers will burst through the confetti's color cloud.

Choose from 13 Bright Colors

Red, green, lime, purple, lavender, pink, hot pink, blue, turquoise, yellow, orange, white or black. 

Made in our Sun Valley, CA shop. 

Stadium X-Streamer Details

  • 40' x 2" streamers
  • 5 streamers in each 10" sleeve
  • Fire-resistant, sustainably-sourced biodegradable tissue 
  • Launch from 2" barrels
Note: Custom color combinations are specially-made for you and are non-returnable.