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Confetti Effects Fan

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Studio E-Fan Confetti Blower for TV and Film.

Studio Effects Fans make great continuous flow launchers.  They're often used on set to create atmospheric effects and to re-take POV shots, reverse shots and close-ups after an RC2 Confetti Cannon has been used in the main action.  Purchase includes Effects Fan and stand.

    Use Fresh Bulk Confetti

    Order your confetti in bulk for the E-Fan. Whether bagged or boxed, the product will be easy to grab by the handful.

    Slowfall Confetti -  Traditional rectangles give you the longest hang-time.

    Die-cut Shapes - E-Fans are perfect to create thematic looks such as falling leaves, fluttering hearts, flying stars, even Halloween ghoulish effects, like spraying blood.

    Mini Fetti - Sprays of Mini Fetti are subtle and cloud-like. They show best against solid backgrounds of a contrasting color. 


    This is our easiest, quietest confetti launcher. Whether you've set the E-Fan on the floor, attached it to its stand or rigged it to a truss, just plug it in, grab a modest handful of your confetti, hold it up to the air stream and open your hand. Where CO2-powered launchers freeze after a time, and cannons must be reloaded, the E-Fan's effect lasts as long as you feed it.

    Loading Tips

    Onset and Onstage: Unless your floor is guaranteed clean, resist the urge to sweep and and re-blow confetti. Swept-up stage dust isn't likely part of the look you want, and it's better to order a bit more fresh confetti to begin with.