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Fireworks Confetti Streamers: Biodegradable Skinny Twins

$ 7.71
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Color Lavender
Size 18" Confetti Cannon Sleeve
Material Biodegradable Tissue


Masses of Ultra-Thin Streamers, Packed in an 18" 2-Column Sleeve. 

1/4"x15' biodegradable serpentines  spray wide for dramatic theater, sports, party, convention effects.

Use this robust cannon sleeve to create a fireworks feel without the sparks of pyro effects.

These biodegradable, sustainably-sourced Skinny Twins columns are cut 15' long and just 1/4" wide. They are sleeved in twin rows and slide easily into 2" barrels. If your cannon has a 1" mouth, that works, too - see Loading Tips below. The extra time is worth the streamer mass launch.  

This multicolor version of our Skinny Twins offers bright, all-purpose color. Keep a few sleeves on hand for impromptu parties, choir performances, children's theater and sports team BBQs. Since they're streamers, you know that cleanup will be a breeze.

Confetti Creative: Customize with Metallic Skinnies  

Ask and we'll roll custom Fireworks Streamers, blending sparkling metallic in with your tissue. Take a look at this Cerise, Pink and Silver blend for a Breast Cancer Awareness march kickoff.

Fireworks Skinny Twin Sleeve Details:

  • Packed in 18" plastic sleeves
  • 1/4"x15' confetti serpentines 
  • Biodegradable, sustainably-sourced tissue
  • Fire Resistant

Planning Your Skinny Twin Launch

  • Kabuki Celebration Launcher: One 18" sleeve
  • RC-2 Cannons: Four sleeves total for 2x20 cannon; Two sleeves total for 1x36 cannon

1" Barrel Loading Tips

Use a funnel, or set sleeve and barrel on a table.  Slice the sleeve open along its length and and tickle the streamers into the cannon.