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Fireworks Confetti Streamers: Soft Pink Skinny Twins

$ 7.71
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Color Pink
Size 18" Confetti Cannon Sleeve
Material Biodegradable Tissue


Ultra-Thin, Pink Serpentines Double-Stacked in an 18" Launch Sleeve.

Biodegradable, sustainably-sourced tissue streamers double your pink effect. 

Skinny Twins' color burst is dramatic. Sleeved in twin columns, the 1/4" x 15' rolls burst apart at launch. From the audience, the visual impression is a soft pink flowering look.

Easy Cleanup Confetti Effect

It's easy to swoop up streamers and drop them into the recycle bin. Even better is their crowd-pleasing nature. Audiences tend to carry serpentines out with them - usually draped around their shoulders. 

Pink Skinny Twin Sleeve Details

  • Packaging: Long, 18" cannon-ready sleeves
  • 1/4"x15' Pink tissue serpentines
  • Biodegradable, sustainably-sourced tissue
  • Fire resistant

One sleeve = a full load for 1" barrels.

  • Kabuki Handheld Celebration Launcher: 1 sleeve
  • RC-2 Cannons: 4 sleeves total for 2x20 cannon; 2 sleeves total for 1x36 cannon

1" Barrel Loading Tips

1. Use a funnel, or...

2. Set sleeve and barrel on a table.  Slice the sleeve open along its length and and tickle the streamers into the cannon.

Confetti Creative: Go Edgy With Black Glimmer

Add dramatic flair to your Pink Skinny Twin blast by pouring in a sleeve of Black Metallic Confetti. The recommended amounts above leave you enough room to slip the black metallic into the same barrel.