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Confetti Squares: 3/4" Flashy Metallic Tissue Mix, 1 Pound Bulk

$ 29.81
In Stock
Color Multicolor
Material Flashy Metallic Tissue Mix
Size 3/4" Sq in 1 lb bulk


0.75" Metallic and Tissue Squares Premixed in Your Choice of Colors.

Sparkling Confetti Squares Bagged Loose and Priced Per Pound.

Our sparkling tissue & metallic mixture of 0.75" squares are bagged and sold by the pound. They're fun to launch - an unexpected shape that will delight your guests. They're also used by artists and decorators for art projects and party decor. 

0.75" Flashy Square Details

  • Cut fresh for you in our Sun Valley CA shop
  • Use in:  Table Decoration, Balcony or Confetti Cannon/Snow Cradle Drop
  • Launch with lifters
  • Biodegradable, fire-resistant tissue paper
  • Flameproof metallic paper

Color Choices  

Choose pre-mixed Multicolor or opt for tone-on-tone Green, Orange, Blue, Red, Purple, Hot Pink,Yellow/Gold; White/Silver and Rose Gold/White.  

    Unique color combinations:  

    Choose "Custom Mix" and then note your choices at in the Special Instructions Box checkout. 

    Tips for Launching Confetti Shapes

    You can drizzle these small squares onstage via snow cradle or blow them with our Shot Max, E-fans or large-scale Cyclones. To blast them into the air, use our RC2 confetti cannons or Kabuki Handheld Launchers. Be sure to slip a lifter into each barrel before pouring in your squares.

    Consolidated Packing

     We tuck your bulk purchases into as little packaging as possible. If you prefer to same color purchases packed in individual one-pound bags, please note that in the Special Instructions Box at checkout. 

    Note: All confetti squares are custom cut for you and are non-returnable.