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Kabuki Streamers: Flashy Gold & Yellow Double Rolls

$ 7.57
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Color Gold & Yellow
Size 10" Confetti-Cannon Sleeve
Material Metallic Tissue Layers


17' Gold Metallic Streamers Rolled Around Bright Yellow Tissue, Stacked in a 10" Launch Sleeve.

Dramatic Kabuki-Cut 2-Layer Serpentine Splits in Midair.


Each spectacular, Kabuki-cut Flashy roll splits into 2 streamers in flight. The exterior paper is 16 feet of glimmering gold metallic. We roll it around the same length of bright, biodegradable yellow tissue. Launched, the two papers go their separate ways. The twin action is lively and powerful - perfect for a special event's finale moment: theater performance final bow, wedding couple's exit, midnight on New Year's Eve.

Confetti Creative: Multiply Your Look With Flashy Confetti

To control your audience's focus points, toss a sleeve of matching Gold and Yellow Flashy Slowfall Confetti on top of your Flashy Streamer Load. The arc of the streamers captures attention first. Then the slow flutter of confetti rectangles pulls gaze back to the starting point.

Gold-Yellow Flashy Streamer Details

  • 1/2"x16' metallic gold streamers rolled around yellow tissue streamers
  • Packed in a 10" clear plastic sleeve
  • Flameproof PVC and biodegradable, fire-resistant tissue

How Much To Buy, How To Load

Kabuki 32" and 20" Handheld Launcher

  • 2 sleeves per launch

Professional RC-2 Cannon

  • 10 sleeves (5 per barrel) for 2x20 
  • 6 sleeves (3 per barrel) for 1x36 

These double rolls are fatter than single-layer Speedloaders, so loading 1" wide barrels can take a few seconds longer. Snip open the sleeve and tuck the rolls into your barrels - no need to be particularly careful about getting them inside. Recycle the sleeve and launch. 

Simple Cleanup

Not only are these grand inflight, Flashy Streamers are easy to scoop up afterwards - and guests tend to do that for you.