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Kabuki Streamers: Flashy Hot Pink Metallic-Tissue Double Roll

$ 7.57
In Stock
Color Hot Pink
Size 10"Confetti-Cannon Sleeve
Material Metallic Tissue Layers


Magenta Metallic Confetti Streamers Rolled With Hot Pink Tissue, in 10" Launch Sleeve.

17' Layered Serpentines Split in Two During Flight for Dramatic Hot Pink Effect.

Gender reveal, women's marches, Valentine dances, girls' birthdays: These 2-layer Flashy streamers radiate hot pink.

We wind 17'-long fireproof metallic paper around biodegradable tissue, give it our pristine Kabuki cut, and pack the 1/2" wide streamer rolls in a convenient launch-ready plastic sleeve.

Launched from your confetti cannon, the two materials fly apart. The matte hot pink tissue arcs in one direction, the sparkling cerise metallic flies another. Your crowd gets a sudden, double-dose of color.

Confetti Creative: Control the Crowd's Focus

Streamers naturally draw your audience's eyes along the arc of the flight. Want to pull their focus back to the starting point? Slip a sleeve of matching Flashy Hot Pink Confetti into the same cannon load. The sparkling confetti cloud outlasts the streamer launch and makes sure you still command the attention.

Flashy Hot Pink Streamer Details

  • Exterior Streamer: 1/2"x17' hot pink metallic
  • Interior Streamer: 1/2"x17' hot pink tissue
  • Packed in a 10" plastic confetti-cannon ready sleeve
  • Materials: Flameproof PVC and biodegradable, fire-resistant tissue

How Much to Get, How to Load

Handheld Celebration Launcher

  • 2 sleeves per launch is considered a full load for both lengths of handheld launchers, though we like to fill the 32" version to the brim. 

Professional RC-2 Cannon

  • 10 sleeves (5 per barrel) for 2x20 
  • 6 sleeves (3 per barrel) for 1x36 

No Mop-Up Required 

Streamers are the easiest launched confetti effect to clean up after your event ends. Mostly your crowd will collect them out for you, and often take them home.