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Fireworks Confetti Streamers: Hot Pink Skinny Twins

$ 7.71
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Color Hot Pink
Size 18" Confetti Cannon Sleeve
Material Biodegradable Tissue


Ultra-thin, 15-Foot Cerise Serpentines in 18" 2-Column Launch Sleeve.

Biodegradable, narrow streamers double your Hot Pink color effect.  

This Skinny Twin color is particularly dramatic. Biodegradable hot pink tissue shows incredibly well at both outdoor and inside events. Packed in twin columns, the 1/4" x 15' rolls burst apart at launch. From the audience, the visual impression is a brilliant flowering or firework look, with no sparks involved.

Easy Cleanup Confetti Effect

It's easy to swoop up streamers and drop them into the recycle bin. Even better is their crowd-pleasing nature. Audiences tend to carry serpentines out with them - usually draped around their shoulders. 

Hot Pink Skinny Twin SLEEVE Details

  • Packaging: Long, 18" cannon-ready sleeves
  • 1/4"x15' Hot Pink tissue serpentines
  • Biodegradable tissue
  • Fire Resistant

One sleeve = full 1" barrel load

  • Kabuki Handheld Celebration Launcher: 1 sleeve
  • RC-2 Cannons: 4 sleeves total for 2x20 cannon; 2 sleeves total for 1x36 cannon

1" Barrel Loading Tips

1. Use a funnel, or...

2. Set sleeve and barrel on a table.  Slice the sleeve open along its length and and tickle the streamers into the cannon.

Confetti Creative: Go Edgy With Black Glimmer

Add dramatic flair to your Hot Pink Skinny Twin blast by pouring in a sleeve of Black Metallic Confetti. The recommended amounts above leave you enough room to slip this glitter into the same barrel.