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Mardi Gras Confetti & Streamer 8-Launch Starter Kit

$ 191.58
In Stock
Size 8-Launch Kit
Color Purple Green Gold
Material Metallic + Biodegradable Tissue


32" Kabuki Handheld Cannon, with 8 Blasts of Metallic and Tissue Effects in Traditional Mardi Gras Colors.

Flashy Metallic and Tissue for Pageants, Balls, Parties, Plus All the CO2 You Need. 

Ready for Mardi Gras? We know that planning goes year-round! For those of you already running a bit behind on your party plans, we have your solution.

We collected our most brilliant effects for your complete Mardi Gras party kit. Then we aded our popular 32" Kabuki Handheld Launcher, to make sure you're all ready to go.  

Metallic serpentine streamers, flashy tissue and metallic confetti, and the fabulous Skinny Twins - all color-themed in bright purple, green, yellow/gold, white/silver and hot pink. Plus 8 CO2 cartridges to power that sturdy confetti cannon. It's an great value.

Mardi Gras Launch Kit Package Details

  • 8 - 16-gram, military grade CO2 cartridges
  • 4 - 10" cannon-ready sleeves of fireproof, 18' metallic streamers in shiny hot pink, silver, gold green and purple.
  • 4 - 10" sleeves of Flashy 75/25 tissue-metallic mix confetti in hot pink, white/silver, yellow/gold, green and purple
  • 3 - 18" sleeves of Skinny Twin streamers in yellow, lime green and purple
  • 1 - 32" Kabuki Handheld Celebration Launcher
  • 1 - Accessories Pack (a dozen caps and lifters, tape)

NOTE: CO2 ships within the Continental USA only. If you're outside of that area, we will send your kit and refund the cost of the cartridges. Your local sporting goods store likely has similar cartridges in stock.

 Confetti Artistry: Add Party Favors

Palm-sized Stay-Attached Handthrow Streamers let your guests launch color, too. These clear, tiny cups contain dozens of thin, bright tissue serpentines. Slip it over your finger, tear off the bottom cover and throw the streamers forward like a softball.