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Confetti Butterflies: 2" Bright Metallics, 1 Pound Bulk

$ 34.58
In Stock
Color Multicolor
Material Metallic
Size 1 Pound Bulk


Shimmering Butterfly Confetti by the Pound.

Flutter 2" metallic butterflies across weddings, Valentine's, spring dances, art projects and more.

These shiny, bright butterflies are the perfect thematic shape for springtime parties, romance all year round.

For the longest air time, launch them from cannons, suspend them over circled floor fans or drop from the rafters. All metallic shapes have a quicker flight than their tissue counterparts, so first select your launch/relaunch technique, then make sure you've ordered enough shapes to fill your planned confetti time.

For those of you renting Kabuki Celebration Launchers from us, we'll preload these shapes for you into the 1" barrel for you. Generally, for all 2" shapes, choose a cannon with a 2" barrel such as our RC2 2" x 20". For the simplest route: Blow the shapes with our Shot Max, Cyclone and Effects Fan. 

Metallic Butterfly Color Choices

Select from red, cerise, silver, black, gold, rose gold, cobalt blue, royal purple, orange, green or multicolor.

Product Details:

  • Sold loose in bags and priced by the pound
  • 2" Flameproof PVC metallic
  • Launch most easily with RC2 2" x 20" confetti cannons, Shot Max, Cyclone and Effect Fans
  • Drop from balconies, snow-confetti cradles
  • Use as Table Decoration

Video Tip: Create a Matte Backdrop With Tissue Confetti

To best capture metallic butterflies on TV, film, video and in photographs, tuck a contrasting color of slowfall tissue confetti flutter. The shine stands out against the matte, and the resulting depth will give you great visuals.

Note: We cut your metallic butterflies especially to your order in our Sun Valley, CA shop and they are non-returnable.