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Confetti Squares: 1.5" Brilliant Metallics, 1 Pound Bulk

$ 24.74
In Stock
Color Multicolor
Size 1 Pound Bulk
Material 1.5" Sq Metallic


Glossy Metallic Confetti 1 1/2" Square Cuts, Bagged and Priced by the Pound.

Pick Single-Color Collections, Patriotic, Rainbow or Custom Mix.

Whether you're translating a corporate promotion into convention decor or creating an out-sized, theatrical mosaic, these squares will give you rich color and shine. We cut them in our full range of flameproof metallic. You can mix and match to create the combo that punches up your theme.

Color Choices

Select Red, Gold, Rose Gold/Copper, Green, Blue, Hot Pink, Silver, Black, Purple, Orange, Multicolor or Patriotic Red-Silver-Blue.

For unique color combinations, choose "Custom Mix" and then be sure to tell us your choices in the note box at checkout.

Launching 1.5" Square Confetti

If you're planning to blast these from one of our Kabuki handheld launchers, let us know and we'll pre-load the launcher for you before shipping. Otherwise, use a 2" wide barrel or a continuous-flow blower to get these airborne. To keep them floating, toss them over floor-based fans.

  • Launch with RC2 2"x20" professional cannon
  • Blow with Effects Fan, Shot Max, Cyclone 
  • Drop by hand from a balcony 

Product Details

  • Fireproof PVC
  • 1.5" square cut
  • Packaged in bags
  • Sold by the pound
  • Made in our Sun Valley, CA shop 

Confetti Creative: Launch with 1.5" Tissue Circles.

Metallic squares produce less hang time than tissue confetti. To get more flutter and a varied visual effect, try slipping a pound of 1.5" tissue circles into the same launcher.

Efficient Packaging 

We ship your same-color items efficiently - don't be surprised if multiple pounds are in the same bag. If you prefer to have one-pound bags, please note that in the Special Instructions Box at checkout.

These squares are cut especially to your order and are not returnable.