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Metallic Confetti: Bright Red Fluttering Rectangles, 1 Pound Bulk

$ 22.87
In Stock
Color Red
Size 1 Pound Bulk
Material Metallic


Shining Red Slowfall Rectangles, Bagged by the Pound.

Flameproof PVC sparkles red in daylight, spotlight and stadium lighting.

Bagged slow-fall confetti puts you in control. You decide the size of your Red effect, whether that's a spectacular, shimmering cloud across your basketball bleachers or the tightly-controlled takes of a TV commercial. 

Planning Your Metallic Launch

Metallic confetti shines brightest under good general indoor lighting, stage lights or sunlight. Aim your launches toward those areas To carry your color scheme out to cover your concert audience and dimmer seating sections, consider supplementing with secondary blasts of red tissue confetti.

Get enough! Metallic spins spectacularly and wafts more quickly than tissue. Plan for a healthy confetti blow or successive blasts. The added product will give your photographers and videographers time to capture the look, and your audience will really enjoy your effect.

Red Metallic Bulk Confetti Details:

  • 2" x 3/4" slow-fall confetti rectangles
  • Bagged loose and sold by the pound
  • Red flameproof PVC
  • Made in our Sun Valley, CA shop

Bulk Confetti Launch Equipment

  • Shot Max blows confetti in a targeted direction, blasting for as long as you feed it.
  • Cyclone Continuous Blowers spray confetti high, creating large fountain looks.
  • Effects Fan floats your confetti broadly. Drop your confetti by handfuls in front of the air stream.