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Confetti Streamers - Royal Purple Metallic

$ 7.42
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Color Purple
Size 10" Launch Sleeve
Material Metallic


18-Foot Glossy Purple Serpentines, Stacked in 10" Confetti-Cannon Sleeve.

Launch Royal Purple Metallic Streamers for Cheer, Sports, Theater, Convention, Party, Parade and More.

This rich, high-gloss purple streamer confetti unrolls in the air to its full 18' length. We cut it from fresh PVC, so it glistens as it soars. Then we stack it in clear, easy-pour plastic sleeves, so you can reload quickly and not miss a moment of your celebration.

How To Launch in Metallic Streamers in Darker Venues

Purple metallic PVC is a reflective material - surrounding lights bounce off it. Blasted high for daytime games or parades or under bright convention lights, these streamers will gleam.

Many times, though, you are launching over an audience that is seated in unlit areas, such as theater goers or concert fans. For these events, add a sleeve of Lavender Speedloaders to your launch. This light, bright shade of biodegradable tissue will hold your purple theme and carry it throughout your venue.

Confetti Creative: Spin the Look With Twizzles

The combination of Twizzle tissue triangles and arching metallic streamers will give you a dynamic movement and texture. For example, consider adding white tissue Twizzles on top of your Purple metallic serpentine load. The duo will surprise and delight your crowd.

Purple Metallic Streamer Details

  • 10" launcher-ready, snip & pour sleeve
  • 1/2″ x 18' streamers
  • Purple flameproof PVC
  • Made in our Sun Valley, CA shop

Streamer Launch Equipment Options

Kabuki Handheld Launchers

  • 2 sleeves will fill the 20" Kabuki Launcher, and will work for the longer model, too. We like the sight of lots of streamers flying, so we tuck 3 sleeves into the 32" length. 

RC-2 Remote-Controlled Cannon for Pros

  • 10 sleeves (5 per barrel) for 2"x20"
  • 6 sleeves (3 per barrel) for 1"x36"