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MiniFetti: Metallic Orange 1/4" Squares, 1 Pound Bulk

$ 43.43
In Stock
Color Orange
Size 1 lb. bulk
Material 1/4" Sq Metallic


Tiny 0.25" Squares of Orange Metallic Miniature Confetti, Priced Per Pound.

Brilliantly Colored, Fireproof Metallic Sparkles in Bright Lights.

This strong, feisty Orange Metallic MiniFetti lights up fall holiday parties, school events and sports celebrations. Alone, it shines brilliantly under lights. Add Black Metallic MiniFetti for the perfect Halloween art project.  Pair it Red and Gold MiniFetti for Thanksgiving feast table decor.

Or, create your school and sport team colors by adding from our full 10-color Metallic Collection.

Artwork: Sunrise, Sunset and More.

Orange MiniFetti sparks imagination. Consider using it for:
  • Mosaic art projects
  • Theater effects
  • Halloween and Mardi Gras mask decoration

Orange Metallic Bulk MiniFetti Details

    • Sold by the pound (one pound goes a long way!)
    • Efficiently packed into as few bags as possible
    • Orange flameproof PVC metallic
    • 1/4" squares

MiniFetti Launch Tips

Launched, MiniFetti creates a brief, glittering cloud. To lengthen a midair effect, toss a handful over a ring of floorfans. Rent or buy our E-Fans here.

Our MiniFetti is made to your order in our Sun Valley, CA shop and it is not returnable.