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MiniFetti: White Tissue 1/4" Squares, 1 Pound Bulk

$ 28.12
In Stock
Color White
Size 1 Pound Bulk
Material 1/4" Sq Biodegradable Tissue


Snowy White 1/4" Miniature Confetti in Bulk and Priced per Pound.

Fluffy small squares cut from biodegradable tissue for launch or art.

Our 1/4" square, white tissue MiniFetti makes a soft, pillowy effect. We cut it fresh in our Sun Valley, CA shop and bag it for you by the pound. 

"Snow" is how you'll see this used most often. Biodegradable and fire-resistant, it's safe for children's theater performances, outdoor holiday scenes and indoor parties. Even a little air movement makes the tissue bits flutter, so if you're looking to decorate a party table, choose a shade of Metallic MiniFetti instead. 

Snow Launch Effects

These light, small squares have a shorter launch trajectory, so get enough to test your range.

  • To lightly puff tissue MiniFetti into the air, toss small quantities in front of an E Fan.
  • For a snow flurry look, funnel your product into the Kabuki Handheld Confetti Launcher.
  • For snowstorms, funnel MiniFetti into RC2 remote-control confetti cannon. Select the RC2 with 1"x36" barrels, and funnel the MiniFetti inside.
  • Don't forget to insert lifters into your launchers before loading. Cap your barrels to keep the MiniFetti in place until launch time.

Want Bulk MiniFetti in Other Tissue Colors?

We have Multicolor Tissue MiniFetti regularly in stock. To order solid colors, give us a call: 818-767-7062.

White Tissue MiniFetti Details:

  • Quarter-inch white squares
  • Sold in bulk by the pound
  • Packed efficiently into as few bags as possible
  • Fire-resistant, biodegradable tissue

We cut white MiniFetti to your order and it is not returnable.