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MiniFetti: Brilliant Metallic Squares in Launch Sleeves - 12 Pack

$ 74.04
In Stock
Color Gold
Size 12-Pack
Material Fireproof Metallic


Miniature Metallic Confetti, Canon-Ready in 10" Sleeves, Sold in Packs of 12.

1/4" Squares Sleeved in Your Choice of Brilliant Solid Color or Multicolor Metallic.

When you're planning a recurring MiniFetti project, you'll want this handy 12-sleeve bundle. The snip-and-pour sleeves are perfect for confetti cannon launches, but they also make for convenient storage.

  • Layer into retail display cases
  • Create mosaics
  • Launch sparkling rainfall as a background to film and photo shoots
  • Create a blowing stream with our Effects Fan

Single Color Metallic MiniFetti 

    • 1/4" squares of single-color metallic
    • Packed in a 10" ShotSleeve
    • Sold in 12-sleeve bundles
    • Material: Flameproof PVC 

Pick Your High-Gloss Color:

Silver, Rose Gold/Copper, Gold, Orange, Cobalt Blue, Hot Pink/Cerise, Green, Cherry Red, Royal Purple, or Black.

PS - You Can Buy Single Sleeves of Gold or Silver.

We keep Gold and Silver MiniFetti pre-cut and ready to go. If you'd rather buy just a sleeve or two of these colors at a time, click here.

MiniFetti Launch Tips

Pour 2 sleeves of Metallic MiniFetti straight into our Kabuki Handheld Launchers. Or drizzle it into the airstream of our Effects Fan. Buy or rent our launchers here.

We cut your MiniFetti in our Sun Valley, CA shop to your order and it is not returnable.