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MiniFetti: Bright Tissue in Solid-Color Launch Sleeves - 12-Pack

$ 55.44
In Stock
Color White
Material Biodegradable Tissue
Size Pack of 12 Sleeves


1/4" Square Tissue Confetti in 10" Cannon Sleeves, Sold in Packs of 12.

Tiny, fluffy squares sleeved in your choice of bright, sustainably-sourced, biodegradable colors.

These tiny tissue squares are featherlight. We've loaded them into 10" ShotSleeves - for confetti cannon blasts or e-fan dispersal. The sleek sleeves also make for easy storage. 

Toss this MiniFetti, launch it, or blow it, its tissue flutter is delightful. While minute in size, these squares still linger midair, unlike the metallic version. Biodegradable and fire-resistant, MiniFetti is perfect for live stage and indoor parties. The smallest breeze flutters the tissue bits , so if you're looking to decorate a surface, opt for Metallic MiniFetti.

Pick Your Solid Color 

White, Black, Royal Blue, Turquoise, Red, Yellow, Orange, Purple, Lavender, Green, Lime, Pink, or Hot Pink.

Launching Tissue MiniFetti 

Via cannon launch, these bitty squares have a very short trajectory. Plan to perch above your intended launch zone - or at least very close to it.

Sleeved Tissue MiniFetti Details:

  • 0.25" squares in single solid colors
  • Packed in 10" snip-and-pour sleeves
  • Sold by the dozen
  • Fire resistant, sustainably sourced, biodegradable tissue

Note: We cut MiniFetti specially for you and it is not returnable.