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MiniFetti: White Tissue 1/4" Squares in Launch Sleeve

$ 4.62
In Stock
Color White
Material Biodegradable Tissue
Size 10" Confetti Cannon Sleeve


Snowy White Miniature Confetti in 10" Launch-Ready Sleeve.

1/4" Squares Create Cloud-Like Launch Effect.

These 1/4" tissue squares are whisper light. We've packed them here into 10" ShotSleeves - perfect for confetti cannon shots or e-fan air streams. The sleek sleeves also make for easy storage. 

Whether you toss this MiniFetti, launch it, or blow it, the "snow flurry" effect is charming. Though small, the light weight product still lingers a bit in the air, unlike its metallic cousins. Biodegradable and fire-resistant, White MiniFetti safe for children's theater and indoor parties. The smallest breeze sends these tissue bits fluttering, so if you're looking to decorate a table, choose a shade of Metallic MiniFetti instead. 

Tissue MiniFetti Launch Tips

These light, small squares have a very short launch trajectory, so plan on standing above your targeted area - or at least very close to it.

White Tissue MiniFetti Details:

  • Quarter-inch white squares
  • Packed in 10" snip-and-pour sleeves
  • Fire Resistant, biodegradable tissue

We cut MiniFetti specially for you and it is not returnable.