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Kabuki Streamers & Bubbles: Red, White & Blue Tissue

$ 4.55
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Size 10" Confetti Cannon Sleeve
Color Red White & Blue
Material Biodegradable Tissue


Bright, Biodegradable Streamers and Floating Confetti Curls in a Confetti Cannon Sleeve.

Patriotic Serpentines Unleash Playful Tissue "Bubbles" on Launch.

Streamers with Bubbles produce a showy, theatrical effect that combines the reach of Kabuki Speedloaders with the float of tiny bits of colorful tissue.  

Where confetti launches call for clean-up crews, this effect has little of that. Guests tend to grab up streamers for you.  All that's left are small curls of biodegradable tissue. 

What Are the Bubbles In Bubble Streamers?

Bubbles are small pieces of curled tissue confetti wrapped inside our tissue streamers. Launch the streamers, and the curls separate mid-air.  The streamers shoot and the curls float, giving a distinct bubble impression.  You get a great combination of reach and hang time.  

  • 10" ready-to-load sleeve
  • 16' Tissue streamers and curled confetti
  • Fire Resistant, Biodegradable, Sustainably Sourced

How Many Sleeves to Get Per Launch

Kabuki Handheld CO2 Launcher

  • 2 sleeves

RC-2 Cannons

  • 2" x 20" cannon - 6 sleeves total
  • 1" x 36" cannon - 4 sleeves total