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Spirit Kit: Complete Confetti & Streamer Launch Kit in Custom Colors

$ 246.11
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Color Your Custom Mix


Spirit Confetti Launch Kit in Your Colors, for 10 Sky-High Blasts.

Includes Kabuki Launcher, CO2, Confetti, Streamers, 10 Hand-Flick Confetti Wands In One Discount Pack.

Just let us know your preferred colors, and we'll send you a Spirit Kit to get your people cheering.  This Kit comes with a fun combination of metallic and tissue Confetti and Streamers, combine long hang time with brilliant flash.  The Kit includes our popular Kabuki Handheld Launcher and enough CO2 cartridges to send 10 bursts of color soaring up bleachers and over crowds.

Best, it's all packaged for you at discount prices - Save with a Kit!

How To Customize Your Spirit Confetti Effects

1. Tissue (choose 2): Blue, Turquoise, Purple, Black, White, Green, Lime, Orange, Yellow, Red, Pink, Hot Pink, Lavender

2. Metallic (choose 1): Silver, Gold, Blue, Red, Hot Pink, Purple, Black, Orange, Green, Rose Gold/Copper

3. Note your color choices in the Special Instructions box at checkout.

Spirit Kit Details

  • 1 Kabuki Handheld Celebration Launcher
  • 10 CO2 Cartridges
  • 10 Custom-Color Confetti Hand Flick Sticks
  • 4 Metallic Slow-Fall Confetti Sleeves
  • 8 Tissue Slow-Fall Confetti Sleeves
  • 4 Metallic Speedload Streamer Sleeves
  • 4 Biodegradable Tissue Speedload Streamer Sleeves - Custom Colors


Since we create these Spirit Kits in your unique colors they are non-returnable.