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Kabuki Confetti Streamers: Royal Blue Tissue Speedloaders

$ 3.62
In Stock
Color Blue
Size 10" Launch Sleeve
Material Biodegradable Tissue


22' Biodegradable Blue Tissue Streamers Stacked in 10" Launch-Ready Sleeve.

Sustainably-sourced, dynamic serpentines fly far and cleanup easily.

This deep blue, Kabuki-cut tissue serpentine gives you rich color even against blue skies. Incredibly versatile, royal blue fits exactly special events from all year round: Winter dances, July 4th Parades, school football teams, college homecomings, corporate conventions, elections.

The slim Speedloader packaging lets you snip open the plastic sleeve and tip the streamers straight into handheld launchers and confetti cannon barrels.

Confetti Creative: Add Turquoise

For a 2-tone blue look, team this Royal Blue tissue with Turquoise Speedloaders. Or, build an even bigger effect:  Pour a sleeves of Flashy Silver & White Slowfall Confetti on top of Royal Blue Speedloaders, and the streamers will burst through a fluttering cloud.

Royal Blue X-Streamers Details

  • 1/2" x 22' Royal Blue Streamers
  • Shipped in 10" snip & pour sleeves
  • Fire-Resistant, Biodegradable, Sustainably-Sourced Tissue

Purchase planning - What's your launch system?

Kabuki Handheld Launcher

  • Plan on loading 2 to 3 sleeves per launch. 

RC-2 Pro Cannons

  • Order 10 sleeves for 2x 20 cannon (5 per barrel)
  • Order 6 sleeves for 1x 36 cannon (3 per barrel)

Don't own a cannon?  Contact us. We rent by the week.