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Kabuki Confetti Streamers: Red Tissue Speedloaders

$ 3.62
In Stock
Color Red
Size 10" Launch Sleeve
Material Biodegradable Tissue


22' Biodegradable Red Streamers in a Ready-to-Launch 10" Sleeve. 

Long, sustainably-sourced serpentines rocket across your crowd and clean up quickly.

All by themselves, your Red Speedloaders will make a big impact. Launch them by remote-control cannon or handheld launcher. They'll streak the air with rich, 25-foot long color, and show well in indoor stadiums, blue-sky parades or gray-cloud team events.

These Kabuki-cut serpentine streamers are packaged in slender 10-inch plastic sleeves. Give the package a quick snip and pour your streamers straight in your launch barrel. Launch and repeat - the load, reload process is that fast and easy.

Clean up is quick, too - most often you'll find your guests and fans tend to drape them over their shoulders and do the job for you.

The Speedloaders are biodegradable, which makes them perfect for outdoor events. They're also fire-resistant, so use them indoors as well. 

Red Kabuki Speedload Streamer Details

  • 1/2" x 22' confetti streamers
  • Encased in 10" snip & pour launch sleeve
  • Fire Resistant, Sustainably-Sourced, Biodegradable Red Tissue

How Many Do You Need?

Kabuki Handheld Launcher

  • Plan on using 2 to 3 sleeves per launch

RC-2 Pro Cannons

  • Order 10 sleeves for 2x 20 cannon (5 per barrel)
  • Order 6 sleeves for 1x 36 cannon (3 per barrel)

Confetti Creative: Add Spin

You can pair Red Speedloaders with nearly any of our 10 metallics, and 12 other tissue colors. Add pink for romance, green for Christmas, blue and white for July 4. The match-ups go on and on. 

Here's a fresh idea - add Twizzles. First, load your barrel with streamers. Then slide in your choice of these cut triangles on top. (Metallic will give you glitter. Tissue will give the longest flight.) Your Red streamers will pop through a spinning rain of color.