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Confetti and Streamer 10-Launch Kit: St. Patrick's Day

$ 177.93
In Stock
Color Green Lime White
Material Biodegradable Tissue
Size 10-Launch Kit


Green and White Confetti Streamer Kit with 32" Kabuki Handheld Launcher and 10 CO2s.

Effects Cut from Biodegradable, Sustainably-Sourced, Fire Resistant Tissue.

This 10-blast St. Patrick's Day celebration kit gives you everything you need for an instant parade: A sturdy, 32" Kabuki Celebration Launcher, 10 CO2 cartridges, and 100% biodegradable, sustainably-sourced confetti and serpentine streamers in deep green, spring green and white.

Of course, we'd recommend mixing up every load: Pour a sleeve of green into your barrel with a sleeve of bright white. Next: A sleeve of confetti on top of Speedload streamers. 

NOTE: CO2 ships within the Continental USA only. If you're outside of that area, we will send your kit and refund the cost of the cartridges. Your local sporting goods store likely has similar cartridges in stock.

The Kabuki Launcher Is Not a Toy

The Kabuki Celebration Launcher is phenomenally popular. Once you own it, you'll use it all the time. As easy as the Kabuki Launchers are to operate, they're not toys and should always be under the control of a responsible adult.

St. Patrick's Day Parade Kit Details

  • 1 - 32" Kabuki Celebration Launcher
  • 10 - 16-gr CO2 cartridges
  • 3  - 18" sleeves of 15' Kabuki Skinny Twin Streamers 
  • 6 - 10" sleeves of Slowfall Confetti
  • 6 - 10" sleeves of 25' Kabuki Speedload Streamers
  • 1 - Accessory Pack (1 dozen caps and lifters, tape)

Ultra ThSkinny Twin Streamers Loading Tip

The double row, ultra thin streamer packs give you 4x the amount of a regular streamer sleeve. Funnel or tickle these into your launcher sideways. It takes a bit more time, but the "fireworks" effect created by these long, slender streamers is spectacular.