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Confetti Streamers: Stadium-Length, Brilliant Metallics

$ 11.48
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Color Gold
Material Metallic Confetti Streamers
Size 10" Confetti Cannon Sleeve


40' Streamers in Gleaming Metallic Colors, Stacked in a 10" Launch Sleeve.

2"x40': Our biggest metallic serpentine for your big crowds.

These metallic Stadium Streamers fly your colors across big venues and large audiences. Camera crews and fans love this effect. We cut your streamers long and wide: 40' x 2" and deliver them to you stacked 5 rolls to a 10" confetti-cannon sleeve.

We call them "Stadium" but you'll find they're perfect for any large setting: Convention halls, outdoor campaign rallies, concert seating, reunion picnics. So feel free to launch Stadium Streamers whenever you want a crowd feeling linked to the action. Then watch everyone's hands fly up to catch them.

Choose From 10 Reflective Colors

These sleeves come solid color. Pick from metallic black, gold, rose gold copper, silver, hot pink, red, orange, green, cobalt blue, or royal purple. 

    How to Launch Stadium Streamers

    You'll want to launch these from cannons. They're too long to throw by hand and need space and height to fully unfurl. Buy or rent our RC-2 Cannons with twin 2" barrels.

    For best results outdoors, check the breeze. Then aim your cannons to take advantage of the air currents. Since these streamers are made of metallic PVC, be sure to point away from power lines.

    Confetti Creative: Add Flashy Slowfall

    Amp your look by adding a load a sleeve of Flashy Slowfall Confetti on top of your Stadium Streamers. The streamers will burst through the confetti's color cloud.

    Stadium Streamer Details

    • 5 streamers in each 10" sleeve
    • 40' x 2" streamers
    • Fireproof PVC metallic 
    • Launch away from power lines
    • Launch in 2"-diameter barrels

    Made in our Sun Valley, CA shop.