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Tissue Confetti Butterflies: Spring Colors, by the Pound

$ 23.88
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Color Pink
Material Biodegradable Tissue
Size 1 Pound Bulk


2" Biodegradable Butterfly Confetti in Bulk: Spring Color Collection.

Bright tissue die-cuts for weddings, parties, dances, parades.

Tissue die-cut 2" Butterflies are popular for marriage ceremonies, receptions, engagement parties, and spring dances. Their clear, delightful shape also makes for great arts and crafts projects.

    How To Launch Butterflies

    Event planners often send a small crew to toss butterflies from high above the feature spot. The butterflies' generous size creates a nice float. For cannon blasts, you'll want to take care sliding these into your barrels, to protect their shape. The easiest launch? Blow them with effects fans or insert them gently into RC-2 2" x 20" twin barrels.

    For our Kabuki Handheld Launcher, curve the shape softly before slipping it into the barrel - and don't forget to insert a lifter first. If you're renting a launcher from us, just ask and we'll preload the butterflies for you.

    Use Enough Butterflies - From Plenty of Cannons

    You've seen us create die-cut shape effects for The Bachelor and other high-profile weddings. Generally, we set up four to six RC-2 cannons for these shots. Lesson: If you want a true shower, go big.

    Choose Your Spring Color

    Choose from pink, hot pink, white, lime green, lavender, and yellow. What more color choices? Click here.

    Die-Cut Tissue Butterfly Details

    • Sold in 1 lb. bags
    • 2" shapes
    • Flame resistant and biodegradable
    • Launch, toss or use as table decoration
    Note: We cut these butterflies especially to your order and they are non-returnable.