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Confetti: Bright Yellow Tissue Fluttering Rectangles, in Launch Sleeves

$ 4.11
In Stock
Color Yellow
Size 10" Cannon-Ready Sleeve
Material Biodegradable Tissue


Yellow, Biodegradable, Slowfall Confetti Stacked in a 10" Speedloader Sleeve. 

Rectangle Design Launches Far and Lingers Long for Great Photos, Videos and Concert Bows.

These bright yellow confetti rectangles come stacked in a convenient 10" sleeve. That leaves you room in your barrel for more creativity: Add another sleeve for an all-yellow launch. Add a sleeve of gold for tone-on-tone glitter. Or add a second color altogether, to match your special event theme, school colors or sports team.

Yellow works wonderfully for both outdoor concerts and parades and indoor parties, showing good color even on gray days. We cut this brilliant yellow in our Sun Valley, CA shop. 

Confetti Creative: Add White Butterflies

Design a romantic, springtime effect. Gently slide white die-cut butterflies into your barrel, interspersed with your yellow rectangles. The butterflies will waft inside the yellow spray.

Yellow Sleeved Confetti Details

  • Yellow biodegradable tissue
  • 10” snip-and-pour launch sleeve
  • 3/4″ x 2″ slowfall fluttering rectangles
  • Fire-resistant

How Much to Buy Depends on Your Launcher

For our Kabuki 20" hand launchers, you'll want two sleeves. Get three for the 32" launchers. 

For pro-style CO2 cannons, adjust to the number of barrels:

  • 8 sleeves (4 per barrel) for RC-2 2"x20" cannons
  • 4 sleeves (2 per barrel) for RC-2 1"x36" cannons