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Confetti Squares: 3/4" Biodegradable Tissue, 1 Pound Bulk

$ 21.09
In Stock
Color Multicolor
Material 3/4" Sq Biodegradable Tissue
Size 1 lb bulk


Biodegradable 0.75" Squares in Bright Colors, Bagged Loose by the Pound.

Square Confetti Shows Distinct Shape, and is Distinct in Flight.

Tissue squares come in our usual 13 vibrant colors and are sold by the pound.  Launch them in our confetti cannons & blowers, use them for hand or cradle drops, or in art and 

0.75" Square Confetti Details

  • Biodegradable, fire-resistant tissue
  • 3/4" square cut
  • Bagged and sold by the pound
  • Cut in our Sun Valley, CA shop

Plan Your Tissue Squares Launch

These are small enough to slip into 1" barrels. Whether you use a 1" or a 2" wide confetti cannon, slide in a confetti lifter first to get the longest launch trajectory.

Beyond launchers, small squares look great when dropped from a balcony or snow cradle, or blown by the electric Shot Max. You can even pipe these deep into your event space via a Shot Max connected to PVC pipes.

How Your Color Choice Changes the Shape

The square is versatile: White becomes snow. Green becomes leaves. Its in-air drift is distinctly different from the horizontal flutter of slowfall rectangles, and your audience will instantly interpret your meaning from your chosen color.

We cut these squares especially to your order and they are non-returnable.