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Custom Confetti: Biodegradable Fluttering Rectangles in Your Color Mix, 1 Pound Bulk

$ 10.29
In Stock
Color Your Custom Colors
Size 1 Pound Bulk
Material Biodegradable Tissue


Slow-fall Tissue Rectangles Pre-Mixed in Your Color Choices, Bagged Loose.

Customized Biodegradable Tissue Confetti for Your Big Celebrations, Hand-Toss Moments and Stage Effects.

Let your unique colors fly. Big excitement means lots of confetti, and the importance of a celebration can be marked by how many pounds are launched. Pick up to 3 colors from our bright, fire-resistant choices. We'll pre-mix your customized order and ship the slowfall rectangles to you loose, in bags, ready for your big event.  

Large-scale bulk confetti in custom colors is ideal for sports teams, concerts, graduations, marches and more. It's biodegradable and suitable for both outdoor and indoor launches. 

Create Your Own 2- or 3-Color Confetti Mix

Take a look at our tissue colors in the photo above. Choose up to 3, and note them in the Special Instructions box at checkout.

Choices: Black, White, Green, Lime, Turquoise, Blue, Lavender, Purple, Red, Orange, Yellow, Pink, Hot Pink.

Bulk, Customized Tissue Confetti Details

  • 2"x4" slow-fall rectangles
  • Packaged loose in bags and sold by the pound
  • Biodegradable and Fire-Resistant Tissue
  • Cut, mixed and bagged in our Sun Valley, CA shop

We create your custom-color mix especially for you and it is not returnable.

Bulk Confetti Launch Tips

The Shot Max continuous blower is hand-fed and powered by electricity. Point it toward your target area, plug it in and turn it on. The confetti will spray 35'-45' in the air for as long as you feed the intake.

Switch to the Cyclone for grand openings, commencement crowds, concert audiences and big product launches. Powered by compressed air, the Cyclone pumps out a pound of confetti each second.