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Lavender Confetti: Biodegradable Fluttering Rectangles, 1 Pound Bulk

$ 10.29
In Stock
Color Lavender
Size 1 lb bulk
Material Biodegradable Tissue


Lavender Slowfall Tissue Rectangles, Priced by the Pound.

Slow-fall lavender tissue confetti bagged loose, for big celebrations or repeatable film effects.

Lavender is a wonderfully versatile color. Make it powerful, make it soft, just by the density of your launch. This product is cut in our aerodynamic dimensions and bagged loose, putting you in control of the size and spread of your effect.

Confetti Creative: Add Deep Purple for 2-Tone Texture

For on-camera shots, a flutter of royal purple tissue can reinforce your color theme and provide visual depth that read very well in video. It doesn't take much - the deep purple tissue's color is strong - but the tone-on-tone texture is terrific. 

Lavender Tissue Bulk Confetti Details

  • 2" x 3/4" rectangles
  • Slow-fall cut
  • Bagged and priced by the pound
  • Fire resistant, biodegradable lavender tissue
  • Sustainably sourced
  • Made in our Sun Valley, CA shop

Rent or Buy Bulk Confetti Launchers

If you don't already own your own confetti cannons, we have equipment available for sale or for weekly rental. Let us know the size and place of your planned launch, and we can guide you regarding the smartest options.

Overall, continuous flow blowers, such as the electric Shot Max or the compressed air-powered Cyclone are the professional's choice for bulk confetti launch systems. However, just as many buy our bagged products for hand-thrown effects, tossing the confetti by armfuls from city rooftops, church balconies and convention hall rafters.

Note: Sale items are non-returnable.