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Triangle Confetti Twizzles: 5.25" Tissue in 1 Pound Bulk.

$ 20.29
In Stock
Color Multicolor
Size 1 Pound Bulk
Material Biodegradable Tissue


Large Twirling Tissue Triangles in Solid, Multicolor and Custom Color Mix.

Fascinating, Twirling Spear Shapes for Launch or Hand-Toss. 

Tissue Twizzles' spinning action makes color flicker.

You've already seen these biodegradable triangles on TV.

Glasshouse Balloon Co. released hundreds of pounds of these dynamic Twizzles over the 2016 GOP convention. Afterwards, news directors strategically placed individual pieces as decoration around the on-air commentators. 

Tissue Twizzles curve softly as they fall, creating both horizontal and vertical twirling action. The movement is captivating. Parades, parties, New Year's, stage plays - use Twizzles whenever you want a strikingly different confetti effect.

These pieces measure approx. 5 1/4”. We cut them out of fresh, bright, biodegradable tissue.  We have all our colors in stock – you can mix and match  to get exactly the look you want.  

13 Biodegradable Colors

Select Red, Yellow, Orange, Pink, Hot Pink, Turquoise, Royal Blue, Black, White, Green, Lime, Purple, Lavender, Multicolor or Patriotic red, white and blue mix.  

To customize your mix to match your special event's theme, select "Custom Mix" and note your color choices in the comments box at checkout. 

Amp Your Look With Metallics

Loading Tips for Triangle Confetti

Slip Twizzles Confetti lightly into your cannon just before launch to preserve their shape. 

5.25" Twizzles Product Details

  • Fire resistant, biodegradable tissue
  • Hand-toss
  • Launch from RC2 confetti cannons or our Kabuki handheld launchers
  • Create fountains of color with Shot Max or Cyclone continuous flow blowers, or our Effects Fan
  • Made in our Sun Valley, CA shop
  • Sold loose by the pound
 Twizzles are specially cut to your order and are not returnable.