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Triangle Confetti Twizzles: 3.5" Gold Metallic in 1 Pound Bulk

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Designer Overrun! Twirling Gold Metallic Triangles, Sold by the Pound.

Metallic Twizzles in flight.

The twirl of our Twizzles confetti is unique and memorable. They alternate between dagger-like downward spiral and horizontal spin, so they constantly glitter in light.

This in-air dynamic is very different from slowfall rectangles, and shows extremely well on camera.

These pieces measure approx. 3 1/2” x 3/8”. 

Metallic Twizzle Details

Launch Tips 

The metallic material holds its shape well. Feed these by small handfuls into our ShotMax blower, or slide them into the Kabuki Handheld Launcher for blast effects.

Note: Sale items are not returnable.