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Fireworks Confetti Streamers: Turquoise Blue Skinny Twins

$ 7.71
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Size 18" Confetti Cannon Sleeve
Material Biodegradable Tissue
Color Turquoise Blue


Bright Turquoise, Skinny Serpentines Double-Packed in 18" Launch Sleeve. 

Biodegradable, sustainably-sourced confetti streamers arch apart for great color, big look, and easy cleanup.

Our 1/4"x15' "Fireworks" Streamers flower open with two times the color of regular launches. We pack them as twin, interlaced columns in a single, long 18" confetti cannon sleeve. The columns split on launch, bursting color across your event. The effect, especially from multiple cannons, is stunning.  And, since they're streamers, they're easy clean up when the party’s over.

Turquoise Blue Fireworks Streamer Details

  • 18", 2-column Confetti Cannon Sleeve
  • 1/4"x15' Turquoise Blue Tissue Streamers 
  • Biodegradable, Sustainably-Sourced and Fire-Resistant

How Much to Get Per Launch

2" Barrels Load Fireworks Streamers Fastest

For quick loading of 1" barrels, use a funnel. Or, lay the sleeve and barrel on a flat surface.  Cut the sleeve open lengthwise and stuff the streamers into the barrel.