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Valentine & Wedding Confetti Kit: Confetti, Streamers, Fluttering Hearts

$ 253.05
In Stock
Size 6-Launch Kit
Color Red Pink White


Complete Valentine Starter Kit, with Kabuki Handheld Launcher, Biodegradable Tissue Effects and Metallic Hearts.

Flutter Love In the Air with the 6-Launch "Kiss Kit."

Sweethearts everywhere are smitten with this package. The sparkle and romance of red metallic die cut hearts combined with the soaring, flowering effect of 1/4" wide Skinny Twin Streamers, plus clouds of Slow-Fall tissue and metallic confetti put the fabulous finishing touch on weddings, engagements, Valentine's, anniversaries and any time you want romance in the atmosphere.

Kiss Kit Details

This Kiss Kit includes everything you need for 6 sweet launches, plus glimmering red metallic hearts for table decor and hand-tossed effects:

  • 1 – 32 Kabuki Handheld Launcher
  • 1 – 18” Sleeve of white Skinny Twin biodegradable tissue streamers
  • 1 – 18” Sleeve of cerise Skinny Twin biodegradable tissue streamers
  • 1 – 18” Sleeve of red Slow-Fall metallic confetti
  • 1 – 18” Sleeve of white Slow-Fall biodegradable tissue confetti
  • 1 –  Sleeve of die cut red Metallic Hearts (hand toss and table decor)
  • 1 –18” Sleeve of hot pink Slow-Fall biodegradable tissue confetti
  • 6 – 16-gram CO2 cartridges

NOTE: CO2 ships within the Continental USA only. If you're outside of that area, we will send your kit and refund the cost of the cartridges. Your local sporting goods store likely has similar cartridges in stock.

Kabuki Confetti Launcher Loading Tips

This lovely mix of effects calls for different cannon-loading techniques. The confetti comes in Snip-and-Pour plastic sleeves. Just drizzle the confetti straight into the launcher's barrel.

To load Skinny Twins: use a funnel or set the sleeve on a flat surface next to the launcher.  Slice the sleeve open along its length.  Stuff the streamers directly into the launcher. See the Blue Man Group's stage crew using the funnel technique here.

Time for Launcher Refills?

Once you own the Kabuki Handheld Launcher, you’ll use it all the time. Birthdays, parades, children's theater, church choir concert - this easy to use refillable cannon will be your go-to tool for instant, boisterous fun. Remember - it is not a toy. The Handheld Launcher should always be under the control of a responsible adult.