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Christmas Confetti and Streamers

Five14 Church's Christmas concert launch of custom silver and white Flashy Streamers with red and green tissue Bubbles, used by permission
  • Times Square Confetti & Kabuki Streamer Confetti Silver / 10
    Quick shop

    Shiny, 18-Foot Long Silver Streamers Stacked in an 10" Launch Sleeve.

    Mirror-Like Serpentines Streak Your Sky Silver. 

    These reflective confetti streamers are your can't-miss effect for every celebration. Launched alone, they fly seamlessly through any color scheme, simply adding glorious glimmer. Combine them with a colored light effect and you'll more than double your look: Silver + hue + reflected sparkle.

    Buy extra sleeves and keep them tucked with our Kabuki Handheld Launcher (along with extra CO2), and you'll be ready whenever a team final, surprise party, or impromptu parade barrels up.  

    All of our streamers come packaged in sleek, launcher-ready sleeves. They load and re-load fast, so you won't miss a game-changing moment. 

    Silver Streamer Product Details:

    • Silver 1/2″ x 18' streamers
    • Packed in slim, 10" launcher-ready sleeves
    • Cut from flameproof PVC
    • Made in our Sun Valley, CA shop

    How Many Sleeves to Plan Per Launch

    Kabuki Handheld Launcher

    • 2 sleeves per 20" Celebration Launcher
    • 3 sleeves per 32" Celebration Launcher

    Our twin-barreled RC-2 Cannon for Pros

    • 10 sleeves (5 per barrel) for 2"x20"
    • 6 sleeves (3 per barrel) for 1"x36" 

    Use indoors (high ceilings) or outdoors away from power lines.

    Confetti Creative: For Concerts & Theater, Add Tissue

    Though all metallics shine brightest in strong light, these silver streamers will read well even out to your dimmer audience areas. To reinforce the look for theater performances or truly low-light launches, combine the silver serpentines with a sleeve of biodegradable White Tissue Speedloaders. The result will still read as "silvery."



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      • Times Square Confetti & Kabuki Streamer Confetti Confetti Streamers: Red 25' Tissue Speedloaders
        Quick shop

        22' Biodegradable Red Streamers in a Ready-to-Launch 10" Sleeve. 

        Long, sustainably-sourced serpentines rocket across your crowd and clean up quickly.

        All by themselves, your Red Speedloaders will make a big impact. Launch them by remote-control cannon or handheld launcher. They'll streak the air with rich, 25-foot long color, and show well in indoor stadiums, blue-sky parades or gray-cloud team events.

        These Kabuki-cut serpentine streamers are packaged in slender 10-inch plastic sleeves. Give the package a quick snip and pour your streamers straight in your launch barrel. Launch and repeat - the load, reload process is that fast and easy.

        Clean up is quick, too - most often you'll find your guests and fans tend to drape them over their shoulders and do the job for you.

        The Speedloaders are biodegradable, which makes them perfect for outdoor events. They're also fire-resistant, so use them indoors as well. 

        Red Kabuki Speedload Streamer Details

        • 1/2" x 22' confetti streamers
        • Encased in 10" snip & pour launch sleeve
        • Fire Resistant, Sustainably-Sourced, Biodegradable Red Tissue

        How Many Do You Need?

        Kabuki Handheld Launcher

        • Plan on using 2 to 3 sleeves per launch

        RC-2 Pro Cannons

        • Order 10 sleeves for 2x 20 cannon (5 per barrel)
        • Order 6 sleeves for 1x 36 cannon (3 per barrel)

        Confetti Creative: Add Spin

        You can pair Red Speedloaders with nearly any of our 10 metallics, and 12 other tissue colors. Add pink for romance, green for Christmas, blue and white for July 4. The match-ups go on and on. 

        Here's a fresh idea - add Twizzles. First, load your barrel with streamers. Then slide in your choice of these cut triangles on top. (Metallic will give you glitter. Tissue will give the longest flight.) Your Red streamers will pop through a spinning rain of color.

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      • Times Square Confetti & Kabuki Streamer Confetti White / 18
        Quick shop

        Super-Thin, White Tissue Serpentines Double-Stacked in 18" Confetti Cannon Sleeve.

        Twin, biodegradable columns cascade over your crowd with 2x's the mass and white effect of regular confetti streamers.

        Actually, you get more than twice the effect of regular streamers. We cut this effect 1/4" wide and 15' long, and package them in long, 18" twin-column sleeves. Launched, the columns fly in different directions. The result is a burst of serpentines that streak apart, then waterfall down in bright white lines.

        The right streamers for sunlight, spotlight or black light.

        White tissue reads well indoors and out. It also shines brilliantly under black lights. For a unique and truly spectacular black light effect, pour a sleeve of Neon Orange Slowfall Confetti on top of your White Fireworks load. Your streamers will burst through a glowing orange cloud.

        White Fireworks Streamers Details

        • 18' confetti cannon sleeves
        • 1/4"x15' white confetti streamers 
        • Biodegradable, sustainably-sourced and fire-resistant tissue
        • Made in our Sun Valley, CA shop

        Buying Tips

        • Plan one 18" sleeve for each Kabuki Handheld Launcher blast.
        • Get four sleeves total for each RC-2 2x20 cannon launch, and two sleeves total for the 1x36 twin barrel version.

        Loading Fireworks Streamers

        1" Barrels: Pour in your Fireworks Streamers using a wide funnel. Or, set the sleeve on a table, slit the plastic open and sweep the rolls into the barrel with your hand.  

        2" Barrels: Easy. Just pour them in.

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      • Times Square Confetti & Kabuki Confetti Gold White / 10
        Quick shop

        Glamorous Gold and White Fluttering Rectangles, Cannon-Ready in 10" Launch Sleeve.

        75% biodegradable white tissue stacked with 25% flameproof gold PVC. 

        Times Square Confetti's Flashy 75/25 mix of gold & white slowfall rectangles shimmers down as Danica says yes to Rylee's proposal. Original video by Tailored Fit Films.

        Choose Gold/White flashy mix for galas, weddings, grand openings - any time you want a rich, textured look with just the right amount of golden glimmer. This light, bright color combination works very well under spotlights to point out the big moments: proposals, first dance, honoree "congratulations." The matte versus shine shows exceptionally well on film/video, in photographs and, as you can see in the video above, on theatrical stages.

        Confetti Creative: Add Yellow and White Tissue Circles

        Slide a custom mix of 1/2" yellow and white circles into your cannon loads. The yellow will boost the "golden" perception, particularly on the outskirts of the spotlit area. The circles' contrasting shape and quicker float time will increase the dynamic visual effect.

        Gold/White Flashy Confetti Details

        • Packaging: 10” cannon-ready sleeves
        • 2" x 3/4″ slow-fall, fluttering confetti
        • 25/75% mix of flameproof PVC and biodegradable, fire-resistant tissue
        • Cut in our Sun Valley, CA shop

        Plan Your Flashy Confetti Launch

        Kabuki Celebration Launchers

        • Plan on using 2 sleeves per launch

        RC-2 Cannon (2" x 20" Barrels)

        • Flashy confetti works best in 2" barrels. Plan on 8 sleeves (4 per barrel) for a big effect.


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          • Times Square Confetti & Kabuki Confetti Red / 10
            Quick shop

            Rich, Shiny Red Slowfall Confetti, Cannon-Ready.

            3/4" x 2" Rectangles Stacked in 10" Snip-and-Pour Launch Sleeve.

            This brilliant cherry metallic sparkles in light. Use it to create many moods, from romance on the dance floor to cheers in the stadium to ominous drama onstage. Valentine, wedding, Christmas, pep rallies, corporate conventions - this red goes everywhere.

            Confetti Creative: Add Red Tissue Streamers

            To add reach to your flutter effect, pour a sleeve of biodegradable red tissue streamers into your barrel before you load your red metallic confetti. The matte tissue will pop through the glitter cloud, giving you a dynamic visual for great photos.

            Red Metallic Sleeved Confetti Details

            • Red slowfall rectangles
            • 10” sleeve of 3/4″ x 2″ confetti
            • Flameproof PVC metallic
            • Made in our Sun Valley, CA shop.

            How Much to Get Per Launch

            Kabuki Celebration Launcher

            • 2 sleeves is considered a full load for both lengths of the handheld launcher, though we prefer 3 sleeves for the 32" model.

            RC-2 Cannon: 

            • 8 sleeves (4 per 2"x20" barrel) or 6 sleeves (3 per 1"x36" barrel).
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            • Times Square Confetti & Kabuki Confetti Silver and White / 1 lb bulk / Biodegradable Tissue and Metallic Silver & White Confetti: Flashy Metallic-Tissue Mix in Bulk
              Quick shop

              Sparkling Silver and White Slowfall Rectangle Confetti Flutter, Bagged and Priced per Pound. 

              White Tissue + Silver Metallic Rectangles Give Extra Visual Depth to Big Celebrations.

              Hell's Kitchen finale: Silver/White Flashy Slowfall Confetti
              Hell's Kitchen finale confetti blast of silver and white slowfall rectangles (Patrick Wymore/FOX).

              This 75/25 mix of white tissue and silver metallic adds depth, texture and glimmer to all-white looks, while keeping your color scheme pure. It's sold loose by the pound and shipped premixed.

              The Flashy slowfall rectangles are perfect for TV and film close-up drops, holiday party cannon blasts, snowy theater scenes, and weddings. 

              How to Launch Bulk Flash Confetti

              Consider the look you want.  

              • Snow cradles will give you a light, sifted look.
              • Shot Max electric continuous blowers give you directional control over a contained area. 
              • Cyclone blowers are right for large-scale events. They provide a minute's continuous flow.
              • Effects Fan broadly disperses your effect for as long as you hand-feed it.

              Silver and White Flashy Bulk Confetti Details

              • Slowfall, fluttering confetti rectangles, 3/4" x 2"
              • Sold premixed by the pound
              • 25% flameproof PVC silver metallic
              • 75% fire-resistant, biodegradable white tissue
              We cut our confetti from fresh, bright papers in our Sun Valley, CA shop.



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              • Times Square Confetti & Kabuki Confetti Lime / 10
                Quick shop

                Lime Green, Biodegradable Slowfall Confetti in 10" Speedloader Sleeves.

                Bright, Biodegradable Spring Green Shows Well Even in Dim Lighting. Launch for Theater, Party, Cheer, Parades.

                The strong color of this extra-bright green means it reads well at both at outdoor and indoor special events. It's biodegradable and fire resistant. Use it for everything from parades and sporting events to dances and corporate meetings.  

                To pump the look for on-camera work, add texture and shine with  a sleeve of Green Metallic Confetti. For a tropical Lemon-Lime look, mix in a sleeve of Yellow Slowfall Tissue.

                Lime Green Confetti Details

                • Lime tissue
                • 3/4″ x 2″ fluttering rectangles
                • Packaged in 10” sleeve
                • Biodegradable and Fire Resistant
                • Made in our Sun Valley, CA shop

                How Much Spring Green Confetti to Buy 

                Kabuki Celebration Launchers

                • 2 sleeves is a full load for both sizes of Kabuki Cannons

                Professional RC-2 Cannons  

                • 8 sleeves (4 per barrel) for 2"x20" cannons
                • 4 sleeves (2 per barrel) for 1"x36" cannons

                Confetti Creative: Create Spring Rain with Holographic Silver

                Our holographic paper both splits light into rainbows and reflects whatever color is nearby. Mix a sleeve of holographic silver rectangles in with your Lime Green load to create a look of fresh spring rainfall.

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                • Times Square Confetti & Kabuki Confetti Gold and Yellow / 10
                  Quick shop

                  Yellow Tissue + Gold Metallic Creates Spectacular Sparkling Cloud. 

                  Pre-mix comes cannon-ready in an easy snip-and-pour sleeve. 

                  Gold metallic or bright yellow tissue alone each produce strong visuals with definite moods. The blast of shine twinkles richly in bright light. The sunshine of fluttering tissue denotes a cloud of happiness.

                  Stack them together in a single cannon-ready sleeve and the effect is different still. The combination of matte and glimmer read "gold" both in the spotlight and at its edges, with tissue holding its hue even in dim lighting. Use this dual effect when you want color to read both up close and from a distance. For video, film and photo shoots, the differences in twirl, waft rate and sheen create visual depth that cameras love.

                  Gold and Yellow Sleeved Confetti Details

                  • 2" x 3/4″ slowfall rectangles
                  • 10" clear plastic, easy-pour sleeve
                  • 25/75 mix of flameproof PVC and tissue
                  • Made in our Sun Valley, CA shop

                  Planning Your Gold and Yellow Launch

                  Handheld Cannons

                  • 2 sleeves per launch for 20" Kabuki Handheld Launcher
                  • 3 sleeves per launch for 32" Kabuki Handheld Launcher

                  Professional, Remote-Control Cannon

                  RC-2 Cannon - 2" x 20" Barrels

                  • 8 sleeves (4 per barrel)


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                • Times Square Confetti & Kabuki Confetti Green / 10
                  Quick shop

                  Forest Green, Biodegradable Slowfall Confetti in 10" Speedloader Packaging.

                  Use these traditional green rectangles to create lush backdrops and crowning moments.  

                  The dark green of these biodegradable slowfall rectangles shows beautifully in sunlight. Use this tissue confetti for cheerleading and parades, outdoor theater and parties. For indoor launches, concerts and indoor stadiums, set your general lighting and spotlights on high to show off the pretty color.

                  Deep Green Sleeved Confetti Details

                  • Green tissue rectangles
                  • 3/4″ x 2″ Slow-fall cut
                  • Biodegradable and fire-resistant
                  • Convenient, 10" snip-and-pour confetti cannon sleeve
                  • Cut and sleeved in our Sun Valley, CA shop

                  Plan Your Confetti Purchase

                  The 10" plastic sleeve makes for easy handling, whether you intend to hand toss your Holiday Green confetti, dribble it in front of a fan or launch it via cannon. Just snip the sleeve's end open and pour your Holiday Green confetti straight into barrels as narrow as 1".  

                  Kabuki Handheld Celebration Launchers

                  • Two 10" sleeves

                  RC-2 Remote-Control Cannons  

                  • Eight 10" sleeves (4 per barrel) for 2"x20" cannons
                  • Four 10" sleeves (2 per barrel) for 1"x36" cannons

                  Confetti Creative: Butterflies in a Forest

                  Create a fanciful forest by mixing white tissue Butterflies with your green slowfall confetti. The fluttering, die-cut Butterfly shapes add memorable charm to your visual effect.
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                  • Times Square Confetti & Kabuki Streamer Confetti Red / 18
                    Quick shop

                    Ultra-Thin Red Tissue Serpentines Double-Stacked in an 18" Launch Sleeve.

                    Masses of Bright Streamers Arch Apart Midair. 

                    One sleeve of these super-skinny streamers flowers open with fabulous, rich color. Launch a series of sleeves one-by-one from a line of cannons and you'll fill the air with streaks of bright red that arch up before cascading down - fireworks without any fire involved.

                    Streamers: The confetti effect your guests take home.

                    There's just something about streamers. After launch, they tend to walk out the door, draped around your guests. That makes the post-event cleanup quick and easy - just sweep whatever's left behind into the recycle.

                    Red Fireworks Streamers Details 

                    • 18" cannon-ready sleeves
                    • 1/4"x15' red confetti streamers 
                    • Biodegradable, sustainably-sourced, fire-resistant tissue
                    • Cut in our Sun Valley, CA shop

                    How Many Sleeves Per Cannon?

                    Plan one 18" sleeve for each handheld Celebration Launcher blast. Plan 4 sleeves for every RC-2 2x20 cannon launch; 2 sleeves total for the 1x36 barrels. 

                    For quickest loading, use 2" barrels. For 1" launchers, pour these streamers in via a wide-mouth funnel, or slice the sleeve open on a flat surface and sweep the rolls into the barrel with your fingers.


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                    • Times Square Confetti & Kabuki Confetti Gold White Mix / 1 Pound / Biodegradable Tissue & Metallic Gold & White Confetti: Flashy Metallic-Tissue Fluttering Rectangles, in Bulk
                      Quick shop

                      White Tissue + Gold Metallic Slowfall Rectangles, Bagged Loose and Sold by the Pound.

                      Rich visual 75-25 mix for confetti blowers, e-fans, theatrical cradles, and hand toss.

                      When your celebration calls for a crowning moment, reach for Flashy Confetti. The 75/25 combination of tissue and metallic provides slow-fall texture with just the right amount of joyful sparkle. In this video, a snow cradle at British Columbia's Vernon and District Performing Arts Centre sifts shimmering bulk Gold & White Flashy slow-fall confetti onto a bride-to-be. The romance of the marriage proposal is complete.

                      White & Gold confetti is utterly appropriate for classic indoor events, galas, fundraisers, opening nights, weddings, New Year's, Mardi Gras tableaux and theatrical snowfall effects.

                      How to Launch Flashy Bulk Confetti

                      Flashy Confetti is sold by the pound and shipped in bulk bags. Besides using snow cradles, it can be hand-dropped from balconies, poured into wide-mouth confetti cannons, held up to E-Fans or fed into continuous flow confetti blowers.

                      White & Gold Flashy Confetti Details

                      • Sold by the pound
                      • 25% flameproof PVC gold metallic
                      • 75% fire resistant, biodegradable white tissue
                      • Sift via snow cradle or hand drop from balcony
                      • Launch via Shot Max, Cyclone or Effects Fan
                      • Made in our Sun Valley, CA shop

                      Consolidated Packing

                      We box your bulk purchases with as few bags as possible. If you prefer same color product individual one-pound bags, please note that in the Special Instructions Box at checkout.



                      Visit product page
                    • Times Square Confetti & Kabuki Confetti Red / 10
                      Quick shop

                      Cherry Red Tissue + Bright Red Metallic in One Cannon-Ready Sleeve.

                      Combination of matte and shine mixes traditional slowfall rectangle flutter with strong, glittering color.

                      Launch this two-tone red confetti and you'll be hooked. The rich, red tissue shows clear, vibrant color in your lit event venues. Its companion metallic confetti reflects the spotlights. Together, the dual-effect blast creates a twinkling red cloud perfect for sports, school events, corporate meetings, elections, campaigns, rally.

                       As background, foreground or theatrical metaphor, this red flashy, sleeved product communicates power. The differences in paper generate a variety of spin rates and float times - textured effects that look tremendous on camera.

                       We stack these in a 25/75 metallic to tissue ratio and pack them in a quick-load plastic sleeve. Just slice off the sleeve's end and pour the rectangles into your launcher - even into barrels as skinny as 1".  

                      Red Flashy Sleeved Confetti Details

                      • 2" x 3/4″ slowfall rectangles
                      • 10" clear plastic easy-load sleeve
                      • 25/75 mix of Flameproof PVC and Fire Resistant Tissue
                      • Made in our Sun Valley, CA shop

                      Planning Your Order

                      Kabuki Celebration Launcher

                      • 20" barrel: Get 2 sleeves per planned launch
                      • 32" barrel: Get 3 sleeves per launch

                      RC-2 Cannon

                      Note: We prefer 2" x 20" RC-2 barrels for all Flashy effects. 

                      • 8 sleeves (4 per barrel) total 
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                      • Times Square Confetti & Kabuki Streamer Confetti Silver and White / 10
                        Quick shop

                        Silver Confetti Streamers Rolled with White Tissue, in 10" Launch Sleeve.  

                        Two-Layer 17' Serpentines Divide Dramatically in Flight.

                        Silver and White are classic, can't-miss colors for weddings, anniversaries, corporate events, sports championships, theater productions and arts galas. This 2-layer, Flashy Streamer Sleeve spins that traditional combination into a magnificent show.

                        Launched, the fat double rolls separate into two individual streamers. A 16' bright white, biodegradable tissue flies one way. Its shiny, 16' silver companion flies another. The surprise, twin effect streaks over your audience. It's twice the streamers and twice color textured tones: Matte tissue shows white even to your event's dim corners. Silver PVC glimmers through light, reflecting your spotlight beams.

                        Confetti Creative: Ratchet up your launch with Silver & White Confetti

                        Boost the look of your Silver and White effect by slipping a sleeve of matching Flashy Confetti into the same barrel load. The flashy streamer arc connects your guests to the launch point, marked by shimmering Slowfall Confetti.

                        Flashy Silver and White Streamer Details

                        • 17' metallic silver streamers rolled with 17' tissue white streamers
                        • Packaged in 10" cannon-ready sleeve
                        • Flameproof PVC and biodegradable, fire-resistant tissue

                        Plan Your Purchase

                        32" and 20" Kabuki Handheld Celebration Launchers

                        • 2 sleeves per launch work for both lengths, though we choose to pack the 32" completely full.  (Tip: Use a dowel to slide these fat streamers into the barrel)

                        RC-2 Cannon Twin Barrel Cannon for Pros

                        • 10 sleeves (5 per barrel) for 2x20 
                        • 6 sleeves (3 per barrel) for 1x36 

                        Flashy Streamers: Twice the Color, One Incredibly Quick Cleanup

                        With all their color and shine, Flashy Streamers tend to vanish from your venue before your cleanup even begins. Audiences tend to snatch them out of the air - and then carry them home as trophies.

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                        • Times Square Confetti & Kabuki Confetti Red / 1 lb bulk / Biodegradable Tissue Tissue Bulk Slowfall Confetti - Red
                          Quick shop

                          Rich Red Tissue in Slowfall Cut, by the Pound.

                          Create romantic weddings, joyous Christmas parades and fiery theatrical looks from this biodegradable, loose tissue confetti. 

                          The versatility of red runs from holiday party to Valentine romance to onstage spurting blood. Keep it on hand and you'll find it to be your go-to solid color, fitting into wildly different occasions. The true red of this slowfall tissue shows off best in good lighting. Plan to launch it in sunlight, in well-lit stadiums or under bright spotlights. 

                          Red Bulk Tissue Confetti Details

                          • Slowfall rectangle cut
                          • Biodegradable, fire-resistant red tissue
                          • Bagged and priced by the pound
                          • Cut in our Sun Valley, CA shop

                          Plan Your Bulk Confetti Purchase

                          Because we sell this red confetti loose, you can adjust your order to match the size of the look you want and whatever equipment you choose to create it. First, consider the area or how many people you want to shower with color.

                          For TV audiences on risers, use our Shot Max Continuous Blowers. For bleacher settings and graduation ceremonies, use our large-scale Cyclone Blowers.

                          Fiery Looks: Add Spiraling Orange and Gold 

                          To create the illusion of fire, combine metallic orange and gold Metallic Twizzles with your bulk red tissue. The whirling triangles will add glitter and new dynamic movement.


                          Visit product page
                        • Times Square Confetti & Kabuki Confetti Green / 10
                          Quick shop

                          Deep Green Tissue + Shiny Green Metallic Slowfall Confetti Stacked in 10" Launch Sleeve.

                          Two Brilliant Looks in One Sleeve Create Dynamic Photo Ops and Fabulous Spotlight Moments.

                          This double green, two-tone sleeve launches as a sparkling cloud. We make it especially for well-lit stadium events, TV and film sets, onstage scenes and spotlight moments.

                          Beyond the contrast of glitter and matte, the two materials fly differently - the tissue hanging long in the air, the metallic spinning quickly. For camera crews, the varied action and sheen makes for easily-captured, well-textured shots.

                          Green Flashy Sleeved Confetti Details

                          • 2" x 3/4″ slowfall fluttering rectangles
                          • Stacked in 10" easy-pour sleeve
                          • 25/75 mix of Flameproof PVC and Tissue
                          • Made in our Sun Valley, CA shop

                          Planning Your Purchase

                          Handheld Launchers

                          • 2 sleeves per 20" Kabuki cannon
                          • 3 sleeves per 32" Kabuki cannon

                          Professional Confetti Cannons

                          • 8 sleeves (4 per barrel) for RC-2 remote-controlled cannon. For best results, choose the 2"x20" barrels.
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                              • Times Square Confetti & Kabuki Confetti Gold / 1 lb bulk / 1/4
                                Quick shop

                                Miniature Confetti: 0.25" Golden Squares, in Bagged Bulk, Priced per Pound.

                                Glamorous Gold Metallic MiniFetti for dramatic rainfall effect, table decor, art projects and more.

                                These bright, showy, squares are cut from fresh PVC metallic. We bag and price them by the pound, so you can order just what you need, whenever you need it. By the handful, they're a quick way to dress up any party table or product display. Flung onstage from champagne glasses, they convey a playful toast audiences will love. Hand tossed, they become a glitter shower over your bride and groom.

                                You'll find lots more creative reasons to dip into this rich MiniFetti: Galas, fundraisers, holiday parties. You'll drizzle it around centerpieces and onto art boards - and when you do, please send us photos!

                                How To Launch Miniature Confetti

                                If the look you want is a quick rainfall, launch this MiniFetti into the air. Have your cameras pre-set and ready. As it lands on hard floors, it will sound like charming patter.

                                The quickest way to load bulk product for confetti launch is with a large funnel. Be sure to insert a lifter first, then cap your equipment's barrel so that your little squares stay put until show time. 

                                Bulk MiniFetti Details

                                • 1/4" square confetti
                                • Cut from gold-colored flameproof PVC metallic paper
                                • Bagged loose and sold by the pound

                                Our MiniFetti is made to your order in our Sun Valley, CA shop and it is not returnable.

                                  Visit product page
                                • Times Square Confetti & Kabuki Confetti Confetti Hand-Launch Flick Sticks: All White
                                  Quick shop

                                  14" Silver Tubes Packed with 2 Full Launches of White Biodegradable Confetti.

                                  Hand Launch Fluttering Slowfall Rectangles 15'-18'. Sold in discount bundles.

                                  These pre-filled, all-white confetti sticks are perfect for weddings, snow effects, blacklight dances - anytime you want a white, fluttering look.  Since there is no propellent involved, Flick Sticks are kid-safe, so everyone can join in.

                                  2 launches each of slow-fall confetti. Get one Flick Stick per guest.

                                  • White, slow-fall confetti
                                  • 14" foil wrapped tube, pre-filled 
                                  • 2 launches each covers 15-18 feet                                   
                                  • Use: Outdoor/Indoor launches (best indoors effect with fairly high ceilings)
                                  • Sold in pre-discounted bundles of 12, 48, 72, 144
                                  Hand out or pre-set these party props as part of your table decoration. When the moment for celebrating comes, they're ready to go. Flick your wrist and Slow-Fall Confetti flies 15' to 18'.  Turn it over and launch again for a second flight.

                                  The Flick Stick's Confetti is biodegradable and fire resistant.

                                  Looking for more hand-launch ideas?  

                                  Check out our Streamer Flick Sticks and our stay-attached Handthrow Streamers. They also come in custom colors to match your themed events.

                                  Visit product page
                                • Times Square Confetti & Kabuki Confetti White / 10
                                  Quick shop

                                  Bright White, Biodegradable Slowfall Confetti in a 10" Speedloader Sleeve.

                                  This White Tissue Doubles as Blue in Black Light Launches.

                                  All-white tissue rectangles are an incredibly versatile effect. Their color makes them an instant choice for weddings, parties, engagements and showers. Pair them with any of our other confetti and streamer products - metallic or tissue, die-cut shapes or streamers - and these white rectangles become a backdrop of visual texture and long-lasting flutter.

                                  Event Lighting and Confetti

                                  White slowfall looks ethereal in spotlight. Under black light, it turns edgy. Outside in daylight, you'll want to launch it in tandem with another color or a metallic, or against a solid background for greatest impact.

                                  White Tissue Sleeved Confetti Details

                                  • Biodegradable, fire-resistant white tissue 
                                  • 3/4″ x 2″ slowfall rectangles
                                  • Stacked in a 10" cannon-ready sleeve
                                  • Made in our Sun Valley, CA shop

                                  Confetti Purchase Guide

                                  Kabuki Celebration Launchers

                                  • 20" barrel: 2 sleeves per launch
                                  • 32" barrel: 3 sleeves per launch

                                  RC-2 Professional Cannons  

                                  • 8 sleeves per launch (4 per barrel) for 2"x20" cannons
                                  • 6 sleeves per launch (3 per barrel) for 1"x36" cannons
                                    Visit product page
                                  • Times Square Confetti & Kabuki Confetti Green / 1 lb bulk / Biodegradable Tissue Tissue Bulk SlowFall Confetti - Green
                                    Quick shop

                                    Biodegradable "Holiday Green" Slowfall Tissue Rectangles, Bagged Loose.

                                    Use rich green confetti for lush celebrations, confetti fountains and colorful sports blasts.

                                    We create this true green, slowfall confetti from fresh, fire-resistant tissue paper. Then we leave it loose, packaging it in bags for however you want to launch it: Spray, fling, blast or drop. Its famous aerodynamic hang-time comes from its dimensions, an effect Kabuki pioneered back in the 1980s.

                                    Our green shade matches Christmas themes, sports teams and school colors. Use it alone, or mix with lime green tissue to create the illusion of windblown forest onstage. Mix it with royal blue tissue and layer it over a perforated surface to symbolize roiling seas. Add to the mid-air spectacle by adding handfuls of spiraling green flashy Twizzles to your cannon load.

                                    Holiday Green Confetti Details

                                    • 2" x 3/4" rectangles of slow-fall confetti
                                    • Fire-resistant and biodegradable green tissue
                                    • Sold loose in bulk, by the pound
                                    • Made in our Sun Valley, CA shop

                                    Bulk Confetti Launch Equipment Looks

                                    • To target an area with an ongoing fountain of confetti, choose our electric Shot Max. 
                                    • To blast green slowfall confetti across graduation seating, choose the Cyclone compressed air blower.
                                    • To spray confetti lightly across a camera lens, choose our Effects Fan.


                                    Visit product page
                                  • Times Square Confetti & Kabuki Streamer Confetti Red / 10
                                    Quick shop

                                    18'-Long Red Metallic Streamer Confetti Rolls, Packed in a 10" Launch Sleeve.

                                    Flameproof Serpentines Launch Quickly, Look Spectacular and Clean Up Fast.

                                    For cheer, sports, conventions, elections and holidays, red means "Go!" These brilliant, arcing streamers uncoil to 18' as they float above your event.

                                    They load fast - Their slim, 10" plastic packaging makes it a matter of seconds to pour the streamer rolls straight into your cannon, even into narrow 1" barrels. Launched, their brilliant color pops against just about any background, from clear skies to busy indoor stadium.

                                    Plan your launch for daytime or brightly-lit moments to make the most of the red PVC paper's reflective shine. 

                                    Quick After-Event Cleanup

                                    Fans love streamers as souvenirs. When your event is over, the crowd will actually carry most of the streamers out with them, just for the fun of it. What's left is easy for you or your cleanup crew to swoop up.

                                    Red Metallic Streamer Details

                                    • Brilliant red 1/2″ x 18' streamers
                                    • Flameproof PVC
                                    • 10" launcher-ready, snip & pour sleeves
                                    • Made in our Sun Valley, CA shop

                                    How Many Streamer Sleeves To Buy?

                                    Kabuki Handheld Launchers

                                    • Plan 2 red metallic streamer sleeves per launch for the 20" model and 3 sleeves for the longer 32" version.

                                    RC-2 Pro Cannon

                                    • 10 red metallic streamer sleeves (5 per barrel) for 2"x20"
                                    • 6 sleeves (3 per barrel) for 1"x36" 

                                    Confetti Creative: Add Shapes to the Barrel

                                    Want a textured, layered effect?  You can add 25' tissue speedload streamers to the barrel mix. Or, pour in some tissue slowfall confetti. To really polish a particular event, consider tissue stars, squares, playful circles, or fluttering butterflies. Handfuls of tissue die-cut shapes slipped into your 2" barrels will boost your theme and truly impress your guests.

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