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Christmas Confetti and Streamers

Five14 Church's Christmas concert launch of custom silver and white Flashy Streamers with red and green tissue Bubbles, used by permission
  • Times Square Confetti & Kabuki Confetti White MiniFetti: Bright Tissue in Solid-Color Sleeves - 12-Pack
    Quick shop

    1/4" Square Tissue Confetti in 10" Cannon Sleeves, Sold in Packs of 12.

    Tiny, fluffy squares sleeved in your choice of bright, sustainably-sourced, biodegradable colors.

    These tiny tissue squares are featherlight. We've loaded them into 10" ShotSleeves - for confetti cannon blasts or e-fan dispersal. The sleek sleeves also make for easy storage. 

    Toss this MiniFetti, launch it, or blow it, its tissue flutter is delightful. While minute in size, these squares still linger midair, unlike the metallic version. Biodegradable and fire-resistant, MiniFetti is perfect for live stage and indoor parties. The smallest breeze flutters the tissue bits , so if you're looking to decorate a surface, opt for Metallic MiniFetti.

    Pick Your Solid Color 

    White, Black, Royal Blue, Turquoise, Red, Yellow, Orange, Coral, Purple, Lavender, Green, Lime, Apple Green, Pink, or Hot Pink.

    Launching Tissue MiniFetti 

    Via cannon launch, these bitty squares have a very short trajectory. Plan to perch above your intended launch zone - or at least very close to it.

    Sleeved Tissue MiniFetti Details:

    • 0.25" squares in single solid colors
    • Packed in 10" snip-and-pour sleeves
    • Sold by the dozen
    • Fire resistant, sustainably sourced, biodegradable tissue

    Note: We cut MiniFetti specially for you and it is not returnable.

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  • Times Square Confetti & Kabuki Confetti Red / 1/4
    Quick shop

    Shiny Red 0.25" Miniature Confetti Squares, Sold in Bulk by the Pound.

    Bitty squares in true red metallic for glitter launches, party decoration, fine arts projects and more.

    This theatrical Red Metallic MiniFetti stands alone as a powerful color statement. Whether you use it to polish a romantic event, top off a Christmas display or spray onstage gore, it will serve you well.

    Take Advantage of the Red Metallic Sheen

    The fireproof metallic twinkles under lights. On a flat table, that can be flickering candlelight. For an onstage launch, hit it with a spotlight. In display cases, pour it over a textured subsurface - uneven layers will angle the squares and give show off the shine.

    MiniFetti Launch Tips

    MiniFetti's glitter-fall is a quick effect. To load this bulk product into cannons and handheld launchers, first insert a foam or paper lifter into your barrels. Then funnel in the little squares and cap the barrel until launch time. To blow your MiniFetti across a camera lens or suspend them dramatically midair, rent or buy our E-Fans.

    Red Metallic Bulk MiniFetti Details

    • Cherry Red flameproof PVC metallic
    • Cut in 1/4" squares
    • Priced per pound
    • Efficiently packed into as few bags as possible

    Our MiniFetti is made to your order in our Sun Valley, CA shop and is not returnable.

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    • Times Square Confetti & Kabuki Streamer Confetti Green / 10
      Quick shop

      17' Green Metallic Streamers Rolled With Green Tissue, Cannon-Ready in a 10" Sleeve.

      Glossy/Matte Green Serpentines Separate in Dramatic Flight.

      This twin serpentine effect is splashy and dramatic. Fat, 2-layer Kabuki-cut streamers blast out of your launcher as single rolls. Then they split apart. Half streams forest green tissue. The other half's metallic sheen reflects spotlights as it soars.

      These 1/2"x16' rolls come stacked in a 10" clear plastic sleeve. Cut off the sleeve's end and slide the streamers into your barrels. For most efficient loading, use a dowel to slide the rolls all the way into your cannon.

      Confetti Creative: Double the Effect with Flashy Green Rectangles.

      First, load your green flashy streamers. Then top off that load with a sleeve of green flashy slowfall confetti. The rectangles' flutter provides a textured wall for your streamer effect to pop through.

      Flashy Green Streamer Sleeve Details:

      • 17' metallic green streamers rolled with tissue green streamers
      • Packed in 10" cannon-ready plastic sleeve
      • Flameproof PVC and biodegradable, fire-resistant tissue

      How Much to Get Per Launch

       Kabuki 32" and 20" Handheld Celebration Launchers

      • 2 sleeves per launch works for both barrel lengths.

      RC-2 Professional Cannon

      • 10 sleeves (5 per barrel) for 2x20 
      • 6 sleeves (3 per barrel) for 1x36 

      Streamers: The Simple Solution to Post-Party Cleanup

      Launching pure streamers, even lots of streamers, gives your event both a grand finish and a quick cleanup. The long strips are easy to collect, with no bits to vacuum.



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    • Times Square Confetti & Kabuki Streamer Confetti Green / 18
      Quick shop

      Forest Green Ultra-Thin Streamers Packed in 18", 2-Column Launch Sleeve.

      Biodegradable 1/4" wide serpentines burst with a mass of color.

      Our Skinny Twins measure 1/4" x 15' and come packed side-by-side in handy snip-and-pour plastic sleeves. Launched the twin columns split apart in a robust flowering effect. This deep green tissue shows especially well outdoors and in well-lit venues. 

      While they're thin, these are still streamers and that means they are incredibly easy to clean up once your event is over.

      • 1/4"x15' Forest Green tissue serpentines
      • packed in 18" confetti cannon sleeve 
      • Biodegradable
      • Fire Resistant

      Plan Your Purchase For 18" Sleeves

      • Kabuki Celebration Launcher: 1 sleeve
      • RC-2 Cannons: 4 sleeves total for 2x20 cannon; 2 sleeves total for 1x36 cannon

      1" Barrel Loading Tips

      1. Use a funnel, or...

      2. Set sleeve and barrel on a table.  Slice the sleeve open along its length and and tickle the streamers into the cannon.

      Confetti Creative: Add Lime For Evening Events

      This rich green reads very well in well-lit venues and daylight events. The 18" sleeve load recommended here leaves room for creative inspiration. Consider slipping in a sleeve of bright lime confetti to carry your green color scheme to the darker areas of your event setting.

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      • Times Square Confetti & Kabuki Confetti Green / 3/4
        Quick shop
        On sale

        Biodegradable 0.75" Deep Green Squares, Bagged Loose by the Pound.

        Special Sale of Green Tissue Confetti Squares, While Supplies Last.

        We have a designer overrun of these pretty fluttering tissue squares, and are offering them at 25% off, while supplies last. Launch these in our confetti cannons & blowers, use them for hand or cradle drops, or in art. 

        0.75" Square Confetti Details

        • Biodegradable, fire-resistant green tissue, sustainably sourced
        • 3/4" square cut
        • Bagged and sold by the pound
        • Cut in our Sun Valley, CA shop

        Plan Your Tissue Squares' Launch

        These are small enough to slip into 1" barrels. Whether you use a 1" or a 2" wide confetti cannon, slide in a confetti lifter first to get the longest launch trajectory.

        Beyond launchers, small squares look great when dropped from a balcony or snow cradle, or blown by the electric Shot Max. You can even pipe these deep into your event space via a Shot Max connected to PVC pipes.

        Want More Colors and Sizes?

        We cut tissue squares in sizes from 1/4" to 2", and in a full array of tissue and metallic colors. See all of your choices here.

        Sale items are non-returnable.
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      • Times Square Confetti & Kabuki Confetti Confetti Flick Sticks: Flashy Tissue-Metallic Mix Fluttering Rectangles - Bulk Discount Bundles
        Quick shop

        14" Silver Tubes Packed With Your Colors of Flashy Tissue and Metallic Mix Confetti.

        Hand-Launch Slowfall Confetti 18'. Two Launches Per Flick Stick. Sold in Pre-Discounted Bundles.

        The best celebrations are the ones that feel like they come from inside a crowd. Our Confetti Flick Sticks let your sports fans, party guests, parade marchers and wedding party highlight the big moments with bursts of floating colors.

        Flashy Flick Stick Details

        • 14" tube with 2 launches each covers 15-18 feet
        • 75/25 Tissue-Metallic Mix
        • Tone-on-tone or custom 2-color choice
        • Sold in discounted bundles of 12, 48, 72 and 144 
        • Fire resistant and biodegradable slow-fall tissue rectangles
        • Silver-wrapped biodegradable tube                              
        • Use: Outdoor/Indoor launches (best indoors effect with fairly high ceilings)

        Flick Stick Launch Tips

        Flick Sticks literally work with the flick of a wrist. These pre-filled 14" silver-wrapped tubes can be handed out any celebration or pre-set as part of your table decoration. When the moment for celebrating comes, they're ready to go.  

        Each Flick Stick comes pre-loaded with 2 full launches (one from each end). Flick your wrist and your chosen colors fly 15' to 18'.  Turn it over and launch again for another color flight.

        The Flick Stick's Confetti is fireproof and cut in our Sun Valley, CA shop.

        Want to Pick Your Colors?

        Choose 2 colors and note them in the Special Instructions box at checkout:

        Tissue: Blue, Turquoise, Purple, Black, White, Green, Lime, Apple Green, Coral, Orange, Yellow, Red, Pink, Hot Pink, Lavender

        Metallic: Blue, Purple, Black, Silver, Gold, Orange, Hot Pink, Red, Green

        More Hand-Launch Ideas  

        Check out our Streamer Flick Sticks and our stay-attached Handthrow Streamers. They also come in custom colors to match your team's colors and your themed events. 

        Note: These Flashy Flick Sticks are specially-made for you and are non-returnable. 


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      • Times Square Confetti & Kabuki Confetti Apple Green / 1 lb bulk / Biodegradable Tissue Apple Green Confetti: Biodegradable Fluttering Rectangles, 1 Pound Bulk
        Quick shop

        Slowfall Apple Green Tissue Rectangles, Bagged Loose.

        Soft green shade cut for long-lasting flutter.

        We cut your apple green bulk confetti in 3/4" x 2" rectangles for maximum float time and bag it by the pound for your wherever your creative instincts take you. For instance:

        Confetti Creative #1: Create a Garden

        For live event "garden effects", mix this apple with soft pink circles. Place an Effects Fan under a perforated surface and pour the confetti on top. Set the fan at its lowest possible setting, so that the confetti "leaves and blossoms" waft in place.

        Confetti Creative #2: Pair with Black

        Pair this soft green with charcoal black and you have a completely different look - artistic and edgy. For all light-dark tissue pairings, take a look at your lighting in advance and adjust it to create exactly the mood you're after.

        Apple Green Tissue Bulk Confetti Details

        • Bagged and priced by the pound
        • Slowfall rectangle cut
        • Biodegradable and fire-resistant tissue
        • Made in our Sun Valley, CA shop

        How to Launch Bulk Confetti 

        Target areas with the Shot Max electric, continuous-flow blower.

        Spray confetti high with the compressed air-powered Cyclone

        Waft it horizontally across film shoots and stages with an Effects Fan.

        Flutter it by hand from balconies or onstage confetti/snow cradles.


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        • Times Square Confetti & Kabuki Confetti Apple / 10
          Quick shop

          Apple Green Slowfall Confetti in a 10" Speedloader Sleeve.

          Biodegradable Apple Green comes launch-ready for parade, theater, party, cheer, TV/Film.

          This soft color shade of green reads well at both at outdoor and indoor special events. The paper is fire resistant and cut to give you long flight time - and lots of opportunity to get great photos and videos. It comes in a handy 10" plastic sleeve - just snip and pour into your launcher, confetti/snow cradle or fan.  

          For a tropical look, mix in a sleeve of Yellow Slowfall Tissue.

          Confetti Product Details

          • Apple Green tissue
          • 3/4″ x 2″ fluttering rectangles
          • Packaged in 10” sleeve
          • Biodegradable and Fire Resistant
          • Made in our Sun Valley, CA shop

          How Much to Buy 

          For Kabuki Handheld Celebration Launchers:

          • 2 sleeves is a full load for both sizes of Kabuki Cannons

          For Professional Reloadable RC-2 Cannons:  

          • 8 sleeves (4 per barrel) for 2"x20" cannons
          • 4 sleeves (2 per barrel) for 1"x36" cannons

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          • Times Square Confetti & Kabuki Confetti Launchers 32
            Quick shop

            Kabuki's original 32" handheld celebration cannon.

            Use one CO2 cartridge for each launch.

            We make the famous Kabuki Celebration Confetti Cannon in our USA factory. The streamer and confetti cannon is sturdy, lightweight, easy to load and reload. It's so simple, you might think it's appropriate for children's use - but this is a professional product, not a toy. 

            As with the 20" model, this is powered by a 16-gram CO2 cartridge - the same as you'd use for a paintball gun.  CO2 cartridges are sold separately - order one for each planned launch.

            Silver & White Slowfall Confetti launched by 2 Kabuki Celebration Launchers. Photo by Sakosan.

             We sell and rent these handheld launchers to Broadway shows, parade organizers, political rallies, cheerleaders, and event planners. These launchers are ideal for covering a crowd or stage, and your effect varies tremendously with your choice of material.  

            The Kabuki Handheld Cannon is Not a Toy!

            The Kabuki Celebration Cannon's launch distance far exceeds competitors in its category – 45-65 feet versus an average 30 feet. Load only approved confetti and streamers. And once you've screwed in the CO2 cartridge, make sure an adult keeps an eye on the launcher - and keeps it away from kids.

            Kabuki Celebration Launcher Loading Tips

            Use sleeved confetti or streamers (or mix both in the same load). Snip open the sleeve and pour in confetti, Mylar X-Streamers or Speedload tissue streamers. For larger Flashy Streamers, Streamers with Bubbles, or Skinny Twins, set the launcher on a table, slice open the sleeve and tickle the streamers into the launcher.

            Get Enough Product & CO2 for a Test  

            Get enough confetti or streamers to test your effect in advance. That way you’ll know how to get exactly the look you want. 


            • Order one CO2 cartridge per launch
            • Order a total of 30" of sleeved confetti or streamers per launch
            • Die-cut Confetti Shapes should be preloaded by our shop prior to shipping
            • Use Outdoors, or Indoors with high ceiling 

            Call us for weekly rental options: 818-767-7062 

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