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Hearts, Petals, Butterflies, Casino, Kisses & Much More

Die-Cut confetti shapes add extra polish to every event.  Whether your theme is romance or casino night, fundraiser or spring fling, we can help you put together your look.

We Make New Shapes, Too

Special leaves, tiny tools - send us your drawing and let's see what we can do. Our turnaround is pretty fast, so don't hesitate to contact us.


  • Biodegradable, fire-resistant tissue
  • Fireproof PVC metallic
  • Bright, fresh colors
  • Launch in RC2 cannons, E-Fan, or Shot Max and Cyclone blowers
  • Balcony drops, confetti cradles, art projects, decor 
  • Times Square Confetti & Kabuki Confetti Tissue Confetti Rose Petals in 1 Pound Bulk
    Quick shop

    Fluttering Confetti Petals in Solid and Custom Color Mixes, Sold by the Pound.

    Romantic, Biodegradable Rose Petals: Wedding Designers' Favorites. 

    Tissue die-cut 2" Petals are hugely popular for weddings, engagements, and spring parties.  Launch them with our RC-2's 2"x20" barrels for a cloud effect, or drop from balconies or snow cradles to spotlight certain people.

    You Choose Your Color

    White, black, pink, red, hot pink, yellow, orange, purple, lavender, royal blue, turquoise blue, green, lime.

    Die-Cut Tissue Rose Petal Details

    • Sold in 1 lb. bags
    • Flame resistant and biodegradable
    • Launch, toss or use as table decoration

    How To Launch Die-Cut Petals

    The generous size of these tissue petals gives them nice float time. You'll want to take care sliding them into confetti cannons, to make sure they retain their crisp form. The easiest launch? Load them into RC-2 with 2" x 20" twin barrels.

    For narrow cannons, such as the Kabuki Handheld Launcher, curve the shape softly before slipping it into the barrel.

    Don't forget the hand-toss option. Event specialists often select a small crew to toss the effects from a high vantage point.

    Use Enough Confetti - and Enough Cannons

    You've seen us create die-cut shape effects for The Bachelor and other high-profile weddings. (See the gorgeous pink petal look here, designed for Orange Blossom Special Events. Michael + Anna Costa took the photo.)  Generally, we set up four to six RC-2 cannons for these shots. Lesson: If you want a true shower, go big.

    Note: We cut these shapes especially to your order and they are non-returnable.


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  • Times Square Confetti & Kabuki Confetti Metallic Confetti Rose Petals in 1 Pound Bulk
    Quick shop

    Glimmering 2" Petal Confetti, Sold by the Pound.

    Die-cut flower petals for weddings, spring events, art projects, decor and more.

    Create floral themes large scale, with these rose petal shapes.

    Metallic Petals in Confetti Cannons

    Metallic shapes waft down much more quickly than tissue. First select your launch technique, then make sure you've ordered enough petals to fill your planned effect time.

    To load 1" barrels such as our Kabuki Celebration Launchers, softly curve 1/4" stacks of petals. Easier, choose a cannon with a 2" barrel, such as our RC2 2" x 20" confetti cannon. Even easier still: Fountain the shapes with our Shot Max, Cyclone blowers or Effects Fan. 

    Color Choices

    Select from red, cerise, silver, black, gold, rose gold, cobalt blue, royal purple, orange, green. 

    Product Details:

    • Sold loose in bags
    • Priced by the pound
    • 2" Die-Cut Petal Shapes
    • Flameproof PVC metallic

    Best Photo Op: Use Tissue Confetti for a Matte Background.

    For TV, film, video and photographs, you'll capture these glittering petals best when they are launched in front of contrasting slowfall tissue confetti flutter

    Note: We cut these shapes especially to your order in our Sun Valley, CA shop and they are non-returnable.

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  • Times Square Confetti & Kabuki Confetti Dissolving Confetti Rose Petals, 1 Pound Bulk
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    Vanishing Confetti Petals for Sensitive Venues, Bagged Loose.

    Rose-shaped, satin-white rose petals dissolve in water.

    Beach weddings, creekside parties, garden venues - all of these event sites need special care. While 100% of our tissue products are biodegradable, such especially sensitive environments call for water-soluble effects.

    Your gorgeous, die-cut petals are cut from satin-white rice paper. Drop them from a balcony. Launch them with a cannon. Sprinkle them over your tables. Your guests will be thrilled and your photographs beautiful. The rice paper will dissolve in water - so any that falls in the ocean, creek, river, lagoon, or pool will simply disappear. In gardens, irrigation sprinkles or hose watering will do the same.

    Confetti Creative: Add Vanishing Slowfall Rectangles for Texture

    Consider a dual look: Combine your petals with vanishing confetti in the RC-2 Cannon's 2" wide barrels. The difference in float time adds extra depth to your photographs and video.

    Dissolvable Petal Details

    • Die-cut rice paper petals
    • Sold by the pound
    • Cut in our Sun Valley, CA shop

    After the Party

    Slip the petals into your Thank You notes for a polished, thematic finish to your special event.

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    • Times Square Confetti & Kabuki Confetti Confetti Kisses, by the Pound
      Quick shop

      Confetti Lips for Launch, Art, Decor, Bagged Loose by the Pound.

      Die-Cut Kissing Lips in Biodegradable, Fluttering Tissue.

      You'll find our tissue Lips featured on Martha Stewart's Wedding site.  They're perfect for anniversaries, too - and bridal showers, engagement parties, and Valentine's Day dances.  We make our playful shape in 13 brilliant colors.

      Choose Your Colors

      Want a custom color combination? Just choose "Custom" on the dropdown menu and then note your color choices in the Instructions box at checkout. Custom color combos lets you truly coordinate your Lips with your theme. 

      Confetti Lips Product Details:

      • 2" die-cut tissue lips
      • Flame resistant, biodegradable 
      • Sold by the pound
      • Use for:   Hand toss and balcony drop, confetti/snow cradle, table decoration and RC2 cannon with 2x20 barrels.

      We cut our 2" tissue Lips from bright, fresh paper at our Sun Valley, CA shop.

      Note: Custom color combinations are specially-made for you and are non-returnable.
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    • Times Square Confetti & Kabuki Confetti Gold Silver Mix / Metallic / 1 Pound Confetti Coins: Gold and Silver Metallic, in Bulk
      Quick shop

      Gold and Silver Metallic Confetti "Coin Collection"

      Sparkling 0.5", 1" and 1.5" circles, each by the pound for party decoration, gift box and balloon insert, crafts and sparkling, dynamic launch.

      Want to throw money around? Galas, Fundraisers, Awards Nights - The rich look of our die-cut metallic gold & silver confetti "coins" sets the right mood. We create this effect with 0.5", 1" and 1.5" circle dies.

      They are wonderful for art projects and special event table decoration. And yes, you can launch them.

      Launch Your Coins Into the Air

      Whether you launch these metallic circles via cannon or drop them from a balcony or theatrical snow cradle, the visual effect will be a quick, glittery fall. For a spectacular, continuously glimmering backdrop, keep the "coins" suspended, tumbling in the air, by tossing them over a circle of floor fans. 

      For a single blast or a series of blasts, use a 2" wide barrel for easy loading: RC2 2x20 professional cannon is perfect for this. Be sure to slide a lifter into the barrels before adding your circles, then cap the cannon until launch time to protect the load.  

      "Coin" Confetti Details
      • Sold loose in bags and priced by the pound
      • 50/50 mix of gold and silver papers
      • Fireproof Metallic PVC
      We die-cut these circles in our Sun Valley, CA shop especially to your order and they are non-returnable.
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    • Times Square Confetti & Kabuki Confetti Metallic Confetti Spades, Clubs and Hearts in 1 Pound Bulk
      Quick shop

      Card Game Shapes for Tournaments, Casino Nights.

      Playful 2" Metallic Spades, Clubs and Hearts, Sold in Bulk by the Pound.

      Poker tournaments, bridge tournaments, casino night fundraisers: Choose these shiny shapes to boost your special event's theme. Launch them from confetti cannons and blowers, sparkle up your table decor, or use them in arts and crafts projects.

      We cut your metallic Spades, Clubs, and Hearts in brilliant colors and ship them loose in bags.  Choose from traditional Black and Red, or match your organization's colors. 

      All are made in our Sun Valley, CA shop. We turn orders around quickly, so even if you are fast-tracking your party plans, just reach out to us.

      Metallic Confetti Shape Details

      • Materials:  Flameproof metallic paper
      • Use in:  Hand toss, table decoration, balcony or confetti cradle drop
      • Launch with RC-2 confetti cannon (2"x20" barrels) 
      • Sold by the pound

      Note: We cut these shapes to your order and they are not returnable.

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    • Times Square Confetti & Kabuki Confetti Tissue Confetti Spades, Clubs, Hearts in 1 Pound Bulk
      Quick shop

      Confetti Card Deck Shapes Sold by the Pound for Poker Nights, Bridge Tournaments, Casino Nights.

      Biodegradable Tissue 2" Die-Cuts in Your Choice of Bright Colors.

      Card parties, fundraising events or poker tournament finales - our 2" die-cut shapes amp up your theme in the air and your trophy tables. We cut these tissue Spades, Clubs, and Hearts in traditional Red and Black. You can also get creative, and opt for colors that match your logo, school, team or corporate colors:

      White, Green, Lime, Blue, Turquoise Blue, Purple, Lavender, Orange, Yellow, Hot Pink and Pink.  Multicolor is available, too, as are custom color mixes.

      All are made in our Sun Valley, CA shop. Our turnaround is fast - typically 24 hours Monday through Friday, so even if your event is coming together at the last minute, just give us a call.

       Die-Cut Confetti Spade, Heart, Club Details

      • Materials:  Biodegradable, fire-resistant tissue
      • 2" die-cut shapes
      • Bagged loose and sold by the pound

      Use in:  Hand toss, table decoration, balcony or confetti cradle drop, or RC-2 launch with 2"x20" barrels

      Confetti Creative: Design a Backdrop for Your Confetti Shape

        Set off your themed shapes by adding equal or larger portions of  5" tissue Twizzles to your launch load. The spiraling triangles contrast well with the wafting shapes.

        Confetti shapes are cut especially for your order and are non-returnable.


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