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Black Confetti Rose Petals, Hearts & Kisses, Wedding Bells in 1 Pound Bulk

$ 23.88
In Stock
Pattern 2" Heart
Size 1 Pound Bulk
Color Black


Black Fluttering Confetti Shapes Bagged in Bulk.

Crisp 2" Tissue Shapes Sold by the Pound for Sophisticated Color Schemes, Theater, Weddings, Parades, Mardi Gras, Film/TV, Theater, Parades and More.

Our fire-resistant, biodegradable tissue shapes can be launched by confetti cannon, dropped from balconies or confetti/snow cradles or sprinkled as decoration. Use this all-black collection to create dramatic backdrops, theatrical moments or sophisticated romance.  

How to Launch Confetti Shapes:

What effect do you want?

  • Snow cradles will give you a light, sifted look.
  • Use the RC2 remote-controlled cannon with 20" x 2" barrels for a blast of stars.
  • Shot Max electric continuous blowers give you directional control - for instance, up and over a scenic wall.
  • Cyclone blowers are right for large-scale effects. They provide a minute's continuous flow.
  • Effects Fan broadly disperses your effect for as long as you hand-feed it.

Confetti Creative: Add a Contrasting Backdrop

Highlight your shapes by adding a sharply different background, for instance of sparkling  Gold Metallic Slowfall Confetti.

Tissue Stars Details

  • Die-Cut Confetti Shapes
  • Sold by the pound
  • Fire-resistant, biodegradable tissue
We cut our confetti from fresh papers in our Sun Valley, CA shop. All shapes are cut especially for your order and are not returnable.