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MiniFetti: Rainbow, Silver or Gold Metallic in Launch Sleeve

$ 6.17
In Stock
Color Multicolor
Size 10" Confetti Cannon Sleeve
Material Metallic


Miniature Confetti Squares Packed in Snip-and-Pour 10" Confetti Cannon Sleeve.

Gleaming Multicolor, Silver or Gold 1/4" Cuts Let You Launch a Pixie Dust Effect.

This tiny, 1/4" square-cut mylar fuels all kinds of creative thinking.

  • Packed into easy snip-and-pour 10" sleeves, it's all ready for confetti cannon launch. Or - 
  • Layer into clear ornaments and vases
  • Glue onto art projects
  • Add sparkling background to photos and video shoots
  • Create a cloud with our Effects Fan

Sleeved Metallic Multicolor MiniFetti Details

    • 1/4" squares
    • All Silver, All Gold, or Rainbow Multicolor
    • Packed in a 10" ShotSleeve
    • Flameproof PVC metallic

Want Sleeved Metallic MiniFetti in Other Colors?

We cut and sleeve miniature metallic confetti squares for you in other brilliant colors, with a 12-sleeve minimum purchase. Just click here.

How to Launch Sleeved MiniFetti

Pour 2 sleeves of Metallic MiniFetti straight into our Handheld Launchers. Or drizzle it into the airstream of our Effects Fan. Buy or rent our launchers here.

We cut your MiniFetti in our Sun Valley, CA shop to your order and it is not returnable.