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Blue Confetti: Flashy Metallic-Tissue Mix, 1 Pound Bulk

$ 17.98
In Stock
Color Blue
Size 1 Pound
Material Metallic Tissue Mix


Royal Blue Tissue + Cobalt Blue Metallic Slowfall, Bagged Loose.

Combination of Blue Rectangles Creates Sparkling Waterfalls and Twinkling Skies.

The two-toned blues of the Flashy Blue slowfall rectangles is spectacular by itself.  Whether launched as an atmospheric effect for birthday party, gender reveal, school graduation or sports victory, the textured, layered effect creates a brilliant visual in person, on film and in photos.

Bulk Confetti Launch Options:

Consider the look you want.  

  • Snow cradles will give you a light, sifted look.
  • Shot Max electric continuous blowers give you directional control - for instance, up and over a scenic wall, or piped into a tent.
  • Cyclone blowers are right for large-scale effects. They provide a minute's continuous flow.
  • Effects Fan broadly disperses your effect for as long as you hand-feed it.

Add Shapes to Boost Your Theme

Underscore your event concept by adding die-cut shapes to the sparkling blue. Nighttime events: Take a look at 2" silver metallic Stars. Or, 1/2" white tissue squares as snowflakes.


  • Slowfall, fluttering confetti rectangles, 3/4" x 2"
  • Sold premixed by the pound
  • 25% flameproof PVC cobalt blue metallic
  • 75% fire-resistant, biodegradable royal blue tissue

We cut our confetti from fresh papers in our Sun Valley, CA shop.