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Confetti Squares: 1/4" Bright Metallics, 1 Pound Bulk

$ 43.43
In Stock
Color Blue
Size 1 Pound Bulk
Material 1/4" Square Metallic


Miniature Metallic Confetti in Multicolor, Solid and Custom Color Mixes.

Tiny 0.25" Squares by the Pound in Brilliant, Glossy Colors for Art, Decor and Cannon Launch.

Our miniature confetti sparkles every way you use it: Sprinkled across banquet tables, layered into glass display cases, tucked into clear ornaments or launched into the air. We sell this version bagged by the pound.

Metallic MiniFetti Colors

Select Red, Gold, Rose Gold, Green, Blue, Hot Pink, Silver, Black, Purple, Orange, Multicolor, Patriotic Red-Silver-Blue or Custom Mixture.

For Custom Color Mixtures, please be sure to note your selections in the Special Instructions Box at checkout.

Product Details

  • Sold bagged, by the pound
  • 0.25" square cut, fireproof PVC
  • Use with RC2, Shot Max, Cyclone, or Effects Fan
  • Balcony drop or hand-throw
  • Made in our Sun Valley, CA shop 

Confetti Creative: Sprinkle Some, Launch Some

We also package our Metallic MiniFetti in cannon-ready sleeves that pour straight into barrels as narrow as 1". So, after you drizzle your bulk MiniFetti around your display tables, highlight your special event's big moment with a launch of Sleeved MiniFetti from our fabulously fun Kabuki Handheld Cannon.

Note: MiniFetti is packed efficiently into as few bags as possible. It is cut specially for you and is not returnable.