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Green Confetti: Biodegradable Fluttering Rectangles, 1 Pound Bulk

$ 10.29
In Stock
Color Green
Size 1 lb bulk
Material Biodegradable Tissue


Biodegradable "Holiday Green" Slowfall Tissue Rectangles, Bagged Loose.

Use rich green confetti for lush celebrations, confetti fountains and colorful sports blasts.

We create this true green, slowfall confetti from fresh, fire-resistant tissue paper. Then we leave it loose, packaging it in bags for however you want to launch it: Spray, fling, blast or drop. Its famous aerodynamic hang-time comes from its dimensions, an effect Kabuki pioneered back in the 1980s.

Our green shade matches Christmas themes, sports teams and school colors. Use it alone, or mix with lime green tissue to create the illusion of windblown forest onstage. Mix it with royal blue tissue and layer it over a perforated surface to symbolize roiling seas. Add to the mid-air spectacle by adding handfuls of spiraling green flashy Twizzles to your cannon load.

Holiday Green Confetti Details

  • 2" x 3/4" rectangles of slow-fall confetti
  • Fire-resistant and biodegradable green tissue
  • Sold loose in bulk, by the pound
  • Made in our Sun Valley, CA shop

Bulk Confetti Launch Equipment Looks

  • To target an area with an ongoing fountain of confetti, choose our electric Shot Max. 
  • To blast green slowfall confetti across graduation seating, choose the Cyclone compressed air blower.
  • To spray confetti lightly across a camera lens, choose our Effects Fan.