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Lime Green Confetti: Biodegradable Fluttering Rectangles, 1 Pound Bulk

$ 10.29
In Stock
Color Lime
Size 1 lb bulk
Material Biodegradable Tissue


Slowfall Lime Green Tissue Confetti, by the Pound.

Use this fresh lime slowfall confetti to cheer sports teams, create garden backdrops and build oceans.

Bright and bold, this lime tissue holds its color in both hot and dim lighting, indoors and out. We cut it in 3/4" x 2" rectangles for maximum float time and bag it in bulk for your wherever your creative instincts take you. For instance:

Create Water Effects Without the Water.

For live event "water effects", mix this lime with blue and turquoise circles. Place an Effects Fan under a perforated surface and pour the confetti on top. Set the fan at its lowest possible setting, so that the confetti "water" bubbles in place.

Edge It Up With Black Tissue.

Pair this light, bright green with charcoal black and you have a new look altogether - powerful and edgy. For all light-dark tissue pairings, take a look at your lighting in advance and adjust it to create exactly the mood you're after.

Lime Tissue Bulk Confetti Details

  • Bagged and priced by the pound
  • Slowfall rectangle cut
  • Lime biodegradable and fire-resistant tissue
  • Made in our Sun Valley, CA shop

How to Launch Bulk Confetti 

Target areas with the Shot Max electric, continuous-flow blower.

Spray confetti high with the compressed air-powered Cyclone. 

Waft it horizontally across film shoots and stages with an Effects Fan.

Flutter it by hand from balconies or onstage confetti/snow cradles.